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Holding the ceremony of "Acquittance from the polytheists" in Arafat; The issue of Palestine is the main and central issue of the Islamic world!
At the same time as the 9th day of Dhul-Hijjah (June 15, 2024) and the Day of Arafah in the Land of Revelation, the pilgrims of Baitullah Al-Haram today Saturday (June 15) by participating in the "Acquittance of the polytheists" ceremony, announced that while believing and striving for the unity of the Islamic world around the guiding teachings of the Quran Karim announced his "innocence" from the arrogant policies of America and the child-killing Zionist regime of creating division among Muslims and weakening the Islamic Ummah.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: In this ceremony, which was held with the enthusiastic presence of pilgrims from different countries, especially the Iranian pilgrims of Baitullah Al-Haram in the Arafat desert, the slogans of "La Allah ila Allah"; America is against Allah, Israel is against Allah, Muslims be united. Athadu, Nasr Manallah wa Fath Gharib" was recited with the theme of the unity and solidarity of Muslims to fight against the oppression of the Palestinian nation.
The ceremony ended with the issuance of a resolution that states:
 Thanks and gratitude to Almighty Allah who gave us the opportunity to be in the land of revelation and chose us from among the many eager people to hold the Abrahamic Hajj and enter the holy land of Arafat this year.
By establishing and following the life of Ibrahim Khalil-ur-Rahman and the beloved Messenger of Islam (peace be upon him) and the pure Imams (peace be upon them) in the desert of Arafat, along with our firm belief and faith in pure Muhammadi Islam, we declare our fundamental positions:
1.We have declared danger towards the approach of cultural invasion of the global domination system, which aims to destroy moral values ​​and weaken the foundations of divine beliefs, especially among young people and families, and with full insight into the necessity of adhering to rational and spiritual knowledge. We emphasize the Holy Qur'an and the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them).
2.We, the pilgrims participating in the ceremony of acquittal from polytheists, while believing and striving for the unity of the Islamic world around the guiding teachings of the Holy Quran, declare our acquittal and disgust for the arrogant policies of the United States and the tyrannical and child-killing Zionist regime of creating division among Muslims and weakening the Islamic Ummah.
3.We Pilgrims of Baitullah Al-Haram consider the issue of Palestine as the main and central issue of the Islamic world and we believe that the only way to liberate the holy holy city and form a Palestinian government from the sea to the river is the resistance of the honorable, oppressed and heroic people of Palestine and the all-round support of the entire Islamic Ummah. Considering the genocide and crimes committed by the evil Zionist regime, especially in the bloody land of Gaza and Rafah, we demand the termination of any relations with this brutal regime and their expulsion from all regional and international organizations.
4.We pilgrims, in sync with the zealous and proud nation of Islamic Iran, by participating in the 14th presidential election and taking into account the wise advice of the wise leader of the revolution to elect a president with the right criteria, with firm determination and firm steps, to the religious and national duty. We will work to conquer the peaks of knowledge, progress and excellence of the country of the followers of Hazrat Wali Asr (AS).
Arafat desert, June 15, 2024
In this ceremony, Hojjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Seyyed Abdul Fattah Nawab, head of Iranian pilgrims, in his words, considered Imam Khomeini (RA) to be the revivalist of the ceremony of acquittal in the Abrahamic Hajj and said: Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), Hazrat Noah (AS) and... are among the prophets of God. who were acquitted according to the verses of the Quran.
He considered the acquittal of those who worshiped other than God to be one of the lessons of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) and said: The criterion for acquittal is disliking beliefs and enmity with God and avoiding polytheistic behavior.
Nawab called the behavior of some countries of the world contrary to divine orders and human nature.
He said: Imam Khomeini (RA) and the Supreme Leader have also continuously emphasized on unity-oriented innocence, that is, while we have unity, we should also stand in front of the enemies of humanity and have innocence, as Imam Khomeini (RA) said: A Hajj without spirit and movement and resurrection, a Hajj without innocence, a Hajj without unity, and a Hajj that does not destroy disbelief and polytheism is not a Hajj.
The leader of the Iranian Hajj added: The supreme leader of this year's Hajj was acquitted and emphasized on the use of Abrahamic teachings and character.
He considered Kaaba to be the center of servitude, freedom, guidance of humanity and the origin of Islam and said: It is proper that the ceremony of acquittal from polytheists should be performed in this holy land which is the origin of Islam. Today, the Zionist child-killing regime and its supporters are the enemies of Islam and humanity, which have been acquitted worldwide.
In the end, Nawab said: Today, American intellectuals and academics, despite all the costs that it entails for them, seek acquittal from the Zionist regime and want to support the people of Palestine and Gaza.
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