Publish dateSunday 16 June 2024 - 11:20
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Israelis again to demand Zionist regime quit
Protests against Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right cabinet continue, with Israelis hitting the streets of Tel Aviv in thousands to demand the regime quit.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: According to Palestinian media, thousands of protesters once again demonstrated and blocked Ra'anana intersection to demand an early election and the release of Israeli captives in Gaza.
The Zionist Radio and Television Organization emphasized that the families of Israeli captives and soldiers killed during the Gaza invasion were also present in the rally. They demanded an end to the war within the framework of the prisoner exchange agreement with Palestinian resistance groups.
 The protests warned that the continuation of the war will lead to the death of more prisoners and Israeli soldiers.
Channel 13 of the Zionist regime quoted Gadi Eisenkot, a retired member of the war cabinet, as saying that Israel could have reached an agreement for the release of captives if showed its courage.
However, Saturday night demonstrations against Netanyahu turned violent after police forces attacked the protesters in Tel Aviv.
Channel 12 of the Zionist regime reported that the police used force to disperse the protesters and made several arrests.
Last week, the US president claimed that the Zionist regime has presented a new proposal for establishing a ceasefire and exchange of prisoners. Accordingly, UN Security Council adopted a Washington-sponsored draft resolution that called for a 6-week ceasefire leading to a permanent calm in Gaza.  
However, the Zionist regime has failed so far to take any stance on its own ceasefire initiative and keep its deadly mayhem in Gaza and the United States now playing a trick to put the blame on Palestinian resistance groups for not agreeing to the proposal.
US secretary of State Antony Blinken started a blame-game just a day after Palestinian resistance movements, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, delivered to Qatar their response to the proposed negotiation with the Zionist regime on the Gaza ceasefire following the UNSC resolution./IRNA
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