Publish dateSunday 16 June 2024 - 14:20
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Haniyeh: Resistance continues with strength and innovation/victory is certain
In a message on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political bureau of the Hamas movement, announced today (Sunday, June 16) that Palestine is on the verge of being released from captivity, pointing to the appearance of signs of rupture in the occupying regime.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: In a message on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, the head of the political office of Hamas announced: Another Eid has come in Palestine, while Gaza is fighting the invaders on all fronts, and we are in the midst of a historical epic.

Referring to the severe siege and the sufferings of the people of the Gaza Strip, who go from one displacement to another and from one bombing to another, he emphasized that, despite this, the Zionist enemy is nothing but firm, stable, resistant and rooted and more belonging to the homeland. 

Haniyeh added that "my people in the Gaza Strip are offering all their precious things and enduring all kinds of pains with perseverance and tolerance. We believe in God's promise of our victory, liberation and empowerment."

He said that the enemy, "criminal with brutal genocide, has also failed in realizing his declared goals", and said that he congratulates the resistance men of Kataib al-Qassam and other resistance groups who are celebrating this Eid. "The children of Qassam and all the resistance camps excelled in maintaining the ability of resistance to attack the enemy in all places."

In the continuation of this message, it is stated that Al-Aqsa storm operation is a historical battle. We tell our Mujahid soldiers that God will not waste your efforts and soon this effort will lead to pride and victory.

While appreciating all the supporting and allied parties of Palestine, including Lebanon's Hezbollah and the resistance of Yemen and Syria, this Hamas leader said to the Iraqi resistance: "You have shown that our enemy is one and a single nation."

Haniyeh emphasized that Lebanon's Hezbollah supported Gaza from the very first moment and expanded its operations and displaced hundreds of thousands of Zionist settlers from the north of our country. Our brothers in Yemen's Ansarullah also banned the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea for the Zionist enemy and his supporters.

In the continuation of this message, the continuation of Israel's crimes in Gaza, West Bank and Quds against the Palestinian nation is pointed out, and the Muslim Ummah was asked to fulfill its duty in this eternal battle. The time has come for this nation to strengthen its support for Palestine and intensify the confrontation with the Zionist enemy.

Regarding the ceasefire agreement and the exchange of prisoners, he said that Hamas and the resistance groups showed great seriousness and flexibility to reach an agreement that would stop the bloodshed of our people and the aggression.

The head of the Hamas office added: Our response to the ceasefire proposal is consistent with the principles stated in Biden's speech and the Security Council resolution. But the occupiers continue their efforts to circumvent and deceive with the aim of recapturing their captives and resuming the destructive war.

He emphasized that the time has come for us to achieve our original and legitimate rights. The gateway to security and stability in the region is our people's achievement of the right to determine their own destiny. "By God's hope, we are on the threshold of the imminent release of our prisoners."

Haniyeh stated that Israel failed not only in the battlefield against Gaza and our people, but also in the political and media war. The criminal enemy that commits genocide has not achieved any of its goals and signs of disintegration and disintegration have appeared. 

He added that everyone should now try to force the enemy to open all the crossings and immediately deliver aid to meet all the needs of our people. The Rafah crossing is an exclusively Palestinian-Egyptian area and Israel must withdraw from it.
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