Publish dateMonday 17 June 2024 - 14:01
Story Code : 292136
The prime minister of the Zionist regime dissolved the war cabinet of this regime
The Israel Radio and Television Organization announced that "Benyamin Netanyahu", the Prime Minister of this regime, told the ministers that the Cabinet was dissolved after the request of "Itamar Ben Goyer", the Minister of Internal Security, to join the War Cabinet.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Reuters news agency quoted an Israeli regime official and wrote: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dissolved the six-member war cabinet of this regime.
Netanyahu is now expected to discuss the Gaza war with a small group of ministers, including Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer, who were in Israel's war cabinet, the source said.
At the same time, the nationalist-religious partners of the Zionist regime in Netanyahu's coalition had asked him to agree to the presence of Finance Minister Betsleil Smotrich and National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gower in the war cabinet, a move that could further strain the regime with its Western allies. Leads.
Meanwhile, the failure of the Zionist regime in the Gaza war caused Benny Gantz, a member of this cabinet, to resign a few days before this cabinet in protest of Benjamin Netanyahu's plans for Gaza after the war.
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