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Acquitting pilgrims from polytheists means confronting the enemies/standing up against the plans of the Zionist regime!
Media and cultural experts consider the acquittal of pilgrims from infidels and polytheists as the identification of the enemy and declaration of confrontation and war with the enemies, and say that Muslims should stand up against the sinister plans of the usurping Zionist regime and the United States.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: At the same time as Eid al-Adha prayers are offered throughout the country, and on the other hand, pilgrims perform the Hajj rituals on this great religious and political day, some experts consider one of the important aspects of the complete Hajj to be absolution from polytheists. Enumerated and said, knowing the enemy and having political insight is one of the requirements of the Hajj pilgrims of Baitullah Sharif.
Seyyed Zakaria Rahel Mousavi, a media and cultural expert, in an interview with Ava reporter, said that Hajj pilgrims must protect themselves from two types of enemies, one is their inner ego and the other is external enemies, who have huge political, advertising, and cultural investments. and the media are trying to weaken the holy religion of Islam, express their disgust and declare their innocence.
He emphasized that pilgrims should know about these two types of enemies, during the Hajj days they should show their hatred and stay away from internal ugliness by adorning their inner features.
Also, he called the creation of discord among the ranks of Muslims, looting of their resources, widespread cultural invasion or even military aggression by foreign enemies, especially America, Israel and England, as one of the characteristics of the foreign enemies of Muslims, he added, the enemies who have this are characteristics, to be identified and acquitted of them by the pilgrims in the rituals of Hajj.
On the other hand, Seyyed Ali Misbah, one of the social activists, in an interview with Ava reporter, considered acquittal from polytheists as one of the obligations, necessities and needs of a Muslim pilgrim, and he said, of course, in all matters of life, Muslims must stay away from infidels and polytheists. do
He pointed out that during Hajj, a huge number of Muslims gather and form a great display of the social and public power of Muslims, adding that if the acquittal of polytheists in this ceremony is not seen as a unified human being on earth and is not realized. It is a pity and it is considered a big flaw.
Mr. Misbah called the lack of disgust towards polytheists as the reason for their digestion in the form of Western vulgar cultures, and said that they will lose themselves in this recent entanglement, which is the century of media and propaganda invasion.
Also, he considered not giving up on differences as the cause of weakening Muslims, and said that one of the ways for Muslims to be successful is for them to be under the same umbrella and by each other's side.
Meanwhile, Seyyed Abdullah Alizadeh, a cultural activist, said in an interview with Ava reporter that acquitting infidels and polytheists means identifying the enemy and declaring confrontation and war against him.
He emphasized that one of the meanings of being acquitted of idolaters is to declare opposition to the enemies and infidels, to stand against the plans of the enemy, including America and the usurping Zionist regime.
This is despite the fact that acquitting the polytheists is a Quranic interpretation and means to declare hatred, dislike and cut off any relationship and connection with the polytheists and enemies of Islam. Considering the anti-human crimes of the Zionist regime and the massacre of women, children and the defenseless people of Gaza, the pilgrims of Baitullah Al-Haram should show the world the objective and practical manifestations of the Quranic principle of acquittal of criminal polytheists with loud cries and declaration of hatred and disgust.
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