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Six serious consequences of "Hodhood" drone operations in the occupied territories
A senior Arab analyst examined 6 important consequences of Lebanon's Hezbollah reconnaissance operation in the occupied territories and called it an unprecedented defeat for the Zionist regime.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Abdulbari Atwan, an analyst of regional strategic issues, in his new article, examined the new surprises of Lebanon's Hezbollah for the Zionist regime on Tuesday and wrote that the attack on a Merkava tank of this regime through a suicide drone. At the Hadab Badin military base in Al-Jalil and the complete destruction of this tank and the firing of dozens of other rockets that caused more fires in the occupied territories were among these surprises.

According to Mehr, he continued yesterday's big surprise, including the long-term flight of the "Hooded UAV" in the airspace of the occupied territories without being observed by the Zionist regime's radars, and the transfer of detailed images and videos from the military and sensitive areas in the north of the occupied territories, including airports and weapons depots. and the missile launch platforms and ports of Haifa wrote that this incident was a terrible and fragile blow to the military institutions of the Zionist regime and Hizbollah's name was recorded in the history of military developments.

Atvan enumerated the dimensions of importance and messages sent by this drone operation, especially in the current sensitive situation, in the following cases:

First: This operation was carried out at the same time as Amos Hochstein, the US special envoy, was in Beirut. Before Beirut, he had traveled to the occupied territories in order to reduce the level of increasing challenges on the borders of Lebanon and the Zionist regime. This trip, which was carried out in an extraordinary and hasty manner, shows the increasing concern of the United States about the changes in the borders of the occupied territories.

Second: This operation is one of the most important links in the chain of quantitative and qualitative increase in tension by Hezbollah and its war of attrition against the Zionist regime. Although Hezbollah has not announced the features of this drone, it is clear that this drone is advanced and very accurate.

Third: This operation showed that the genocide and the destruction of Palestinian homes in Gaza did not scare Lebanon's Hezbollah, but had completely opposite results and increased tension and proved the fragility of the Zionist regime, so that the leaders of this regime no longer They do not dare to threaten Lebanon to destroy Beirut or return this country to the Stone Age.

Fourth: The military developments related to Hezbollah's operations in the deep north of the occupied territories in recent weeks show that Hezbollah's reactions to the Zionist regime's assassination operations against the field commanders of this party, the latest of which was the assassination of the martyr "Talib Sami Abdullah" known as "Abu Talib". took place, it is accompanied by much wider reactions than in the past.

Fifth: This precise operation and similar ones show that the pressure of the United States, which is carried out through some internal currents with this country to force Hezbollah to stop its operations and withdraw from the borders of Lebanon, has no effect, and the drones of Hezbollah's precision missiles even from the areas The distant borders of Lebanon can also threaten the Zionist regime, and Hezbollah does not give in to these pressures.

Sixth: If the firing of 5,000 rockets and mortars deep into the occupied territories within 8 months, turns these areas into a pile of fire and ash and hits the cities of Safed and Tiberias, if Lebanon's Hezbollah uses its accurate missiles to If he uses 3,000 missiles a day and targets other cities such as Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Dimona, etc., what will happen?

In another part of his article, Atwan stated that the factors that were raised show the definite failure of Hochstein's extraordinary trip to Beirut and prove that these movements will not work to stop Hezbollah's war of attrition and save the Zionist occupation and cannot overcome their failures. 

He mentioned the previous false promises of the United States to Lebanon and expressed hope that the Lebanese authorities would not listen to the narratives and promises of the United States this time and would not believe them. The Americans had previously promised to import gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan, but none of them have been implemented.
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