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United Nations: Officials of the Islamic Emirate have been invited as "de facto officials" in the Doha meeting / Mujahid: "Bent
The Deputy Spokesman of the Secretary General of the United Nations stated that the officials of the Islamic Emirate have been invited as "de facto officials" to attend the Doha meeting for Afghanistan. But the Taliban spokesman says that the Taliban spokesman considered the report of the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights for Afghanistan to be an attempt to destroy public opinion on the eve of the Doha meeting.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: "Farhan Haq", the Deputy Spokesman of the United Nations Secretary General, said in a press conference about how this organization interacts with the Taliban: We treat them (Islamic Emirate) as actual officials who are present in the field.

He added: "We want to ensure that the proper role of women in the society is respected in Afghanistan, as it is necessary to respect everywhere in the world."

Regarding whether the authorities of the Islamic Emirate have officially accepted the invitation to the Doha meeting and whether they have made their presence conditional and whether the UN Secretary General will also attend the third Doha meeting, Farhan Haq said: the details of the meeting have not yet been finalized and it is close to The appointed time for holding the meeting tries to mediate the details about the various arrangements of the meeting.

In a statement, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the government of the Islamic Emirate, called the recent report of Richard Bennett, the UN special rapporteur on human rights for Afghanistan, "an attempt to destroy minds on the eve of the Doha meeting".

Mujahid wrote in "X": "The report of some members of the United Nations, especially the report of Richard Bennett, is an attempt to destroy minds on the eve of the Doha meeting."

He added, "Unfortunately, some stubborn people in the United Nations always try to present false reports about Afghanistan and put great developments under the scope of limited issues."

Mujahid continued: "The Islamic Emirate appreciates the supportive position of some countries in the United Nations, the truth is that there should be a positive and constructive interaction with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan." Efforts, pressures, and conspiracies still fail, continuing and repeating those experiences is a failure, we hope other realities are understood and a constructive position is taken."

 In a report to the UN Rights Council in Geneva, Bennett stated that the Islamic Emirate is not recognized as a state and should not be treated like a state.

He also emphasized that "all tools" should be used to change the human rights situation in Afghanistan.

 Before this, AFP reported, quoting diplomatic sources, that the United Nations did not invite the representatives of the Afghan civil society to attend the third Doha meeting.
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