Publish dateSunday 23 June 2024 - 10:53
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Three dead and more than 230 injured due to traffic accidents in Herat
Doctors of Herat Field Hospital say that three people died and more than 230 others were injured due to traffic accidents in this province.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: The figure was recorded during the last week and with the beginning of Eid al-Adha holidays, doctors said.
“In total, we had about 60 injured due to traffic accidents and three deaths,” said Ahmad Farhad Afzali, head of Herat Regional Hospital.
“These categories included women and children, but the majority of them were young people riding motorcycles,” he added.
Doctors in the surgery department of this hospital stressed that in most of these incidents, usually young people have lost one of their body parts.
“Sometimes the injuries are so severe that they die on the spot. A number of these are often hospitalized in the neurosurgery ward,” said Barkatullah Mohammadi, doctor in the neurosurgery department of Herat Regional Hospital.
However, a number of Herat residents said that drivers’ lack of attention to traffic rules and families’ neglect of their children are among the main factors that cause traffic accidents.
With the start of the hot season, the number of traffic accidents in Herat increases. Most of the youth in this province use motorcycles, but carelessness, speeding, and not paying attention to traffic rules have caused an increase in traffic accidents./Ariana
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