Publish dateSunday 23 June 2024 - 14:09
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The largest Zionist demonstration against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv turned violent
News sources reported this morning (Sunday, June 23) that following a massive protest rally in Tel Aviv, the Israeli police attacked and arrested several protesters who demanded the removal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: According to the Palestinian Sama news agency, demonstrators in Tel Aviv blocked a number of streets in protest of the Zionist regime's lack of agreement with Hamas for the release of prisoners.

According to this report, Israeli demonstrators set fire in front of the Likud office in Tel Aviv and demanded the overthrow of Netanyahu's cabinet and the immediate exchange of prisoners with the resistance in Gaza.

The Zionist Army Radio also reported that the police arrested three protesters in front of the headquarters of the Likud party.
In this regard, Yair Golan, the leader of the Labor Party of the Zionist regime, said: "The violence of the police in the demonstrations tonight (Saturday) was too much, and it is time for the police officers to ask themselves whether they are serving the people or serving the Minister of Security, Itamar Ben Gower." Domestic that supports terrorists.

He added: The police should not be allowed to become a tool of a corrupt and failed government that destroys Israel.

On Saturday night, news sources announced the holding of large-scale demonstrations by Zionists against the Prime Minister of this regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, in various cities of occupied Palestine, including Tel Aviv.

Thousands of Zionists in the cities of Tel Aviv, Quds, Haifa, Caesarea, Beersheba and some other cities started demonstrations against Benjamin Netanyahu and demanded his immediate removal and exchange of prisoners with the resistance in Gaza.

The Hebrew-language newspaper Yediot Aharonot reported that the protest demonstration in Tel Aviv was the largest demonstration since October 7th (15th of Mizan).

On the other hand, the Hebrew newspaper Ma'ariv also reported that the anti-government protests will spread and the protesters in Tel Aviv called for a strike for Thursday.

After about 9 months have passed since the Zionist regime invaded the Gaza Strip without any results and achievements, this regime is sinking more and more into its internal and external crises day by day.

During this period, the Zionist regime has not achieved anything other than crime, massacre, destruction, war crimes, violation of international laws, bombing of relief organizations and famine in this region.

The Israeli regime has lost this war regardless of any gains in the future, and even after about 9 months, it has not been able to make the resistance groups surrender in a small area that has been under siege for years, and the support of the world public opinion for committing open crimes in Gaza. Lost.
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