Publish dateMonday 24 June 2024 - 08:59
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Nearly 130 people were killed and wounded in Ukraine
The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced that 127 people, including 27 children, were killed and injured in the Ukrainian missile attack on the coast of Sevastopol in the Crimean Peninsula. The ministry added that "responsibility for today's intentional missile attack on civilians lies primarily with Washington."
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): In the Ukrainian missile attack on the Sevastopol beach in the Crimea region, 124 civilians have been seriously injured so far, 27 of whom are children. It is said that five people have died in this attack so far.

In this regard, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced a few moments ago in a statement that this attack was carried out at noon today using five American ATACMS operational-tactical missiles equipped with cluster warheads.

The ministry added: Four American ATACMS missiles were intercepted while repelling the missile attack of the air defense forces on duty.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the explosion of the warhead of the fifth American missile in the air has resulted in numerous civilian casualties in Sevastopol.

In a statement of the Ministry of Defense, it is stated: Therefore, the responsibility for the intentional missile attack on civilians in Sevastopol lies primarily with Washington, which provided these weapons to Ukraine, and also with the Kiev regime, which carried out this attack from its territory.

This attack is one of the biggest attacks by Ukraine on Russian soil since the beginning of the war between the two countries.

Meanwhile, this morning, Russia launched a missile attack on large areas of Ukraine.
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