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The success of the people and the defeat of the opposition to the interim government / the world has changed the strategy for engaging with Afghanistan
Political experts have called the outcome of the third Doha summit for Afghanistan a success and say the world has changed its approach to engaging with Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVNA) - Kabul: Political experts, while praising the third Doha summit for the people of Afghanistan and the interim government, say that the opponents of the Islamic Emirate have been defeated.
Political analyst Sayed Zia Hosseini told AFP that the achievements of the meeting were positive and successful not only for the Afghan people but also for the international community.
He called the world strategy, which has changed from Afghanistan's isolation to an interaction approach, the biggest achievement of the meeting and said it was a positive and important step in the current political situation in the country.
Mr. Hosseini said the opportunities provided by the third Doha summit would lead to more interactions between Afghanistan and the world.
Meanwhile, Wais Naseri, another political expert, called the ignoring of the demands of the opponents of the interim government and their absence from the third Doha summit a dead end movement, saying that the absence of women's representatives and opponents of the interim government in this meeting indicates their insignificance. They are in determining the foreign policy of countries with Afghanistan.
He added that it is better for civil society activists and the opposition team of the Islamic Emirate to stop waiting for the help of the United Nations and the international community.
Naseri pointed out that the interests of countries depend on interaction with the Afghan government, adding; Therefore, pursuing the demands of the groups opposed to the Islamic Emirate will not be a priority in their foreign policy.
On the other hand, Abdul Latif Nazari, the professional deputy of the Ministry of Economy, called the international community's support for the government's fight against drugs, corruption and interaction with the Islamic Emirate as drawing a bright horizon for Afghanistan. The success of the current government in ensuring comprehensive security in the country has also been supported by the world.
Meanwhile, Aziz Ma'araj, a political analyst, said in an interview with Ava that the presence of representatives of the interim government at the third Doha summit was a success. The representatives of the current government have brought a good opportunity to the people by attracting international aid.
He said the outcome of the meeting was promising and that the next meetings would be more fruitful.
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