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The victory of the English Labor Party / Starmer became the Prime Minister of England
According to the preliminary results, the British Labor Party has won the parliamentary elections of this country by obtaining a majority.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: According to the latest results published from the counting of votes for the British Parliament elections on Friday, the Labor Party led by "Keir Starmer" was able to win the elections with an overwhelming majority of seats in the House of Commons.
According to the results of the statistics counted up to this moment, the Labor Party has won 326 seats out of 650 seats in the House of Commons and has been able to take the helm of the government for five years as the dominant party in the British House of Commons and without the need to form a coalition with smaller parties. .
On the other hand, the conservative party led by Rishi Sunak, having lost 170 seats, is on the way to its heaviest political defeat since the founding of this party in the 19th century. According to the mentioned results, the Conservative Party won 71 seats, the Liberal Democratic Party won 44 seats, the Scottish National Party won 4 seats, and other political parties and independents won 22 seats.
Rishi Sunak, the current Prime Minister, announced earlier that he had congratulated Keir Starmer on his election victory. He accepted responsibility for the Conservative party's defeat and said the Conservatives should reflect on the outcome of the election.
He added: Today, the transfer of power will be done peacefully and in accordance with the law with the good intentions of the parties.
Sunak will present her resignation today to King Charles III, who will ask Starmer as majority leader to form a government.
After winning the Holborn and St. Pancras constituencies, Starmer said: "Today, the people of this region and across the UK have announced that they are ready to change the country." They voted Labor and now we have a duty to deliver on our promises.
The Labor Party was away from power for 14 years. This party won the last time in the 2005 elections for the third consecutive term, but its popularity gradually declined due to Blair's bellicose policies, until finally, in the 2010 elections, it handed over the helm of the government to the coalition of two conservative and liberal democratic parties.
In the first 5 years, conservatives partially managed the country's financial problems through controversial policies of economic austerity and reduction of public services. But the political and economic consequences of the Brexit referendum, the Corona epidemic, the war in Ukraine, the unrest in the Red Sea and the problems of goods transit have put the economic situation of this country in the worst condition of the last half century.
These days, the cost-of-living crisis has created widespread discontent across the country, and public sector workers have repeatedly gone on crippling strikes to protest low wages and poor working conditions. Thousands of British doctors stopped working last week to convey their protest about the cost of living crisis to the next government on the eve of the election.
Experts believe that the Conservative Party was punished by voters whose mortgage payments have risen in recent years due to rising inflation and bank interest rates. The Bank of England has increased the basic interest rate by 525 percentage points since two years ago to curb inflation, and this has added hundreds of pounds to people's monthly expenses.
Sunak had promised before the election that he would curb inflation and lower the central bank's interest rate, but the polls showed that he had lost the public's trust.
The new Prime Minister of England, who is reportedly an opponent of Brexit, plans to transform the country's economy by restoring relations with the European Union. He is expected to give his first speech as the new British Prime Minister and his government's priorities in a few hours.
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