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The Leader of the Islamic Revolution congratulated the victory of the doctors/ May the path of "Shahid Raisi" continue
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei, in a message on the occasion of the end of the presidential election of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the announcement of its final result, while congratulating the people of Iran, Masoud Pazashkian and other activists in the field of this election, advised the elected president of the Iranian people to look to high horizons and May his eyes shine and in the continuation of the path of "Martyred Raisi" make the most of the many capacities of this country, especially the young and revolutionary human resources, for the comfort of the people and the progress of Iran.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Tehran: The text of the message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution is as follows:

In The Name Allah

Thanks to the dear and merciful God, that with his will and success, the great nation of Iran was able to organize the presidential election scene in a short legal period and hold free and transparent elections on two consecutive Fridays, after the heavy tragedy of losing the martyred president. Choose the president of the country from several candidates with the majority of votes.
The respected officials of the elections performed their duties with the necessary speed and full trust, and the dear people came to the square with a sense of responsibility and created a warm and passionate scene and accumulated the election boxes in two stages with more than 55 million votes.
This great move in confronting the man-made uproar of boycotting the elections, which the enemies of the Iranian nation had launched to induce despair and deadlock, is a brilliant and unforgettable work, and all the honorable candidates and all those who worked day and night for weeks for the victory of each of them. 
Now the nation of Iran has elected its president. Congratulating the nation and the president-elect and all the activists of this sensitive scene, especially the passionate youth of the candidates' election headquarters, I recommend everyone to cooperate and think well for the progress and increasing dignity of the country. It is appropriate that the competitive behaviors during the elections should be transformed into the norms of friendship and that everyone should try their best for the material and spiritual prosperity of the country.
I also recommend to the elected President Pazashkian to look forward to long and bright horizons with trust in Allah, and in the continuation of Martyr Raisi's path, he will make the most of the many capacities of the country, especially the young, revolutionary and devout human resources, for the comfort of the people and the progress of the country. 

Once again, I place the front of gratitude at the door of Hazrat Haqq and I send salutations and greetings to Hazrat Baqiyyah Al-Azam with a spirit of sacrifice and I honor the memory of the martyrs and the honorable Imam of the martyrs and to all the honorable candidates and activists in the field of elections who played a role in this critical moment, and I also thank the national media and the security guards of the country and the election enforcement agencies.
Earlier, in a message on his X page, the elected president of the Iranian people, Masoud Pazashkian, in his first reaction to the announcement of the final result of the presidential election cycle of this country, wrote: "Dear people of Iran, the election is over and this is just the beginning of our partnership. The path The difficulty ahead will not be smooth except with your sympathy and trust.
Following this result, Bahadri Jahormi, the spokesperson of the current government of Iran, also wrote on X: "Congratulations to the dear people of Iran for this presence and congratulations to the elected president, Mr Pazashkian.
He continued that "protecting the legacy of the martyred president is the duty of all of us".
This morning, Iran's election headquarters presented the final report of the vote counting results as follows;
The total number of votes counted and aggregated: 30,530,157 votes
The votes of Mr. Masoud Pazashkian: 1,6384,403 votes
Mr. Saeed Jalili's votes: 13,538,179 votes
Participation percentage: 49.8
Based on this, Mr. Masoud Bishikian was introduced as the candidate for the 14th term of the presidential elections of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The first phase of this election was held on June 28.
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