Publish dateSaturday 6 July 2024 - 13:34
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There are no negative and destructive activities against the neighboring countries in the border areas of Pamir
The head of information and culture of Badakhshan province says during a trip to the Pamir region, which borders China, Pakistan and Tajikistan; The government does not allow threatening and destructive actions to be taken from Afghanistan's soil against neighboring countries, and protecting the soil is a religious and national duty.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-Sharif: Zabihullah Amiri, head of information and culture of Badakhshan province, said in a meeting with the country's border forces stationed at the borders of "China, Pakistan and Tajikistan" that protecting, protecting and maintaining the country's borders is a religious and national duty. and the border forces are obliged and have a mission in this field; According to him, therefore, the activity of the border forces can be encouraged and admired.

He stated that preventing smuggling and the destructive activities of smugglers is the duty of the border forces and there should not be threats against the country and neighboring countries at the borders, he added: "The government of the Islamic Emirate does not allow threatening actions against neighboring countries from the country's soil. Be destructive."

Amiri stated that the border forces should protect the national park areas and prevent the hunting of rare wild animals, the shooting of tourists and the security forces, and should put good treatment with domestic and foreign tourists at the forefront in all matters.

Meanwhile, Sultan Muhammad Pamiri, the commander of the border forces in the Pamir Khurd borders, said: Security and order are ensured in all the country's borders with China, Pakistan and Tajikistan, and peace is ensured in the border zero points of the country.

He added: "The border forces carry out their duties around the clock with the aim and intention of protecting the soil and are not looking for fame, position or privilege."

It should be mentioned that the visit of the head of information and culture of Badakhshan Province to the Pamir region was carried out under the guidance of high-ranking officials of the country.
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