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The implementation of dozens of development projects with a cost of more than 6 billion Afghanis in Kabul
In a conversation with AVA reporter, officials of Kabul municipality announced the implementation of 165 development projects, including road construction, with a cost of 6.4 billion afghanis from this institution's budget this year, and said that the right to acquire properties that are destroyed on the way to the roads under construction goes to the owners.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Nematullah Barakzai, the spokesperson of Kabul Municipality, said in an interview with AVA reporter that this institution plans to implement 165 development projects worth more than 6.4 billion Afghanis in the capital this year.

He stated that the cost of these projects will be financed from the internal revenues of Kabul Municipality, and said that these projects include road construction, improvement of the city's greenery, improvement of the city's orderliness, the issue of license plates and other matters.

He added that the work of these projects is ongoing and the first part of the Kotel Khairkhane road project has been completed and the second and third parts are in the preparation stage.

The spokesperson of Kabul Municipality announced the North West Capital Road, Gol Bagh Road, Shanan Fort, Malali Intersection, the development of Kute Sangi to Dehmezang Road, Kasbah Road, Airport to Customs Road and several other roads as important projects under construction.

According to him, these projects will be completed and put into operation in one year, 20 months and 18 months.

Nematullah Barakzai, pointing out that the work of last year's projects has been completed according to the municipality's plan, and the part that is related to this year is being worked on, adding that Kabul Municipality is pursuing the development of the capital in a fundamental way.

The spokesman of the municipality considered the project of the airport road to the customs area and its connection to the Kabul-Jalalabad road as one of the important projects of this institution and says that this road is about 2,800 meters long, 60 meters wide and costs 405 million Afghanis. 

He stated that more than 50 properties along the airport road have received their right of acquisition and said that with the approval of the budget of Kabul municipality, the owners of the properties can receive the money of their right of acquisition.

Nematullah Barakzai stated that Kabul Municipality does not have any financial problems in terms of payment of acquisition rights to property owners.

Meanwhile, a number of citizens of the capital have expressed satisfaction with the implementation of development projects in the city of Kabul and say that these projects should be implemented in a balanced manner in all parts of Kabul.

They also ask the Islamic Emirate, especially the Kabul Municipality, to pay the money for the acquired properties to the property owners as soon as possible.
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