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Officials of the 13th security district of Kabul in a conversation with AVA:

The caretaker government assures the security of Muharram ceremonies

The caretaker government assures the security of Muharram ceremonies
The commander of the 13th security district of Kabul, in an interview with AVA reporter, assured the security of the Muharram days in the capital, saying that all the relevant members are coordinated with each other.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: At the same time as the month of Muharram and the days of mourning for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), Maulavi Shamsullah Hamad, the commander of the 13th security district of Kabul, regarding how to hold the mourning meetings of Imam Hussein (AS) and ensure the security. In an exclusive interview with AVA reporter, he said: In order to ensure the security of the religious ceremonies of this month, not only the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also the Ministry of Defense, the Directorate of Public Security and all related organizations have held meetings in coordination with the elders, influential people and scholars of the Shia people.

He called the caretaker government successful in reaching a joint plan with Shiite scholars on how to hold Muharram ten ceremonies, adding that according to the agreement between the Ministry of Information and Culture and the representatives of the Shiite community.

The commander of the 13th police security district, while pointing out that the creation of arbitrary brothels should be prevented, said that based on the decision made, brothels should be set up near mosques.

Mr. Hammad also asked the people to celebrate the Muharram decade without any fear or threats from the enemies of the country. He also urged the mourning people of Afghanistan to avoid expressing divisive words in the mourning gatherings of Imam Hussain (AS).

The commander of the 13th security district of Kabul police emphasized that the faithful and religious Shiites of the country should obey the authorities of their religious imitations in holding the meetings of Imam Hussain (AS). 

This security officer in the west of Kabul asked all the mourners of Hosseini's Ashura to hold their mourning meetings with confidence. He added that he considers the forces of his caretaker government committed and responsible in the field of providing their security.

Mr. Hammad pointed out that some biased and destructive people, whether inside the country or abroad, want to attribute the actions of some people or persons to the government by slandering them; According to him, the arbitrary and incorrect actions of some security forces should not be generalized to the Islamic Emirate system.

He further said that all Islamic religions are free to perform their religious rituals and added: We assure all people that we will ensure their security and do not pay attention to the rumors spread by biased people from foreign countries.

It should be mentioned that last week a number of elders, scholars and representatives of the Shia people discussed with the government officials how to hold Muharram ceremonies in the country in a joint meeting.
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