Publish dateMonday 8 July 2024 - 16:33
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Two hundred and seventy-sixth day of Al-Aqsa storm operation; Bombing different areas of the Gaza Strip
The martyrdom of 54 people in the bombing of different areas of the Gaza Strip and the Zionist regime's artillery attack on southern Lebanon are among the most important developments of the two hundred and seventy-sixth day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: The Israeli regime bombarded different areas of the Gaza Strip this Monday morning, and in the new wave of brutality of the Zionist regime throughout Gaza, 54 people were martyred and several others were injured in the last 24 hours.
Follow the most important developments of the 276th day of Al-Aqsa storm below:
Artillery attacks of the Israeli regime army on southern Lebanon
The Zionist army targeted some areas in southern Lebanon, including Aita al-Shaab, with artillery.
Hezbollah rocket attack on Israeli bases
Lebanon's Hezbollah published images of the targeting of Illit, Miron and Nimira bases. Lebanon's Hezbollah targeted the above bases with dozens of Katyusha rockets yesterday.
The Israeli army announced the wounding of one of its soldiers in Gaza
The spokesman of the Zionist army announced that a soldier of this regime from Kandak 82 was injured during the conflict with Palestinian resistance youth in Gaza and his condition is critical.
The death of another Israeli insurgent commander
The Zionist army confirmed the death of one of its 601st engineering battalion commanders. A commander who had previously railed against Hamas.
Yesterday evening, the Israeli army confirmed the death of Jala Ibrahim, one of the commanders of the 601st engineering division in the south of the Gaza Strip, by the Palestinian resistance.
Jala Ebrahim, 25 years old, was an officer who previously in an interview with Channel 11 of the Zionist regime railed against the resistance of Hamas and said: "Hamas fighters are cowards and do not have the courage to confront us and stand before us because they know that we are strong. ».
This is the second Israeli officer to be killed after chanting slogans against the Palestinian resistance in the 9 months of attrition war in the Gaza Strip. He was killed during a resistance operation in Rafah city.
According to the Zionist regime, since the beginning of the Gaza war, 679 soldiers of this regime have been killed, while the resistance groups and analysts announce that the number of casualties of the occupying army is more than this.
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