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Violent protests after parliamentary elections in France
Following the French parliamentary elections, which led to the defeat of the right-wing party and Macron's party, and no party reached the majority, supporters of left-wing parties started violent protests in Paris and a number of cities. At the same time, "Gabriel Ethel" resigned from the position of Prime Minister yesterday (Monday).
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): "Gabriel Ethel's" action is carried out in a situation where the moderate coalition of French President "Emmanuel Macron" failed to win the majority of 289 seats in the parliament. According to the results, the leftists came first, the moderates came second and the right came third in the elections.

According to CNBC, the resigned French official said: "I know that according to the results, many French people feel certain uncertainty about the future, because there was not an absolute majority in the parliament. "Our country is experiencing unprecedented political conditions."

Appointed by Macron just six months ago, he said he would remain in office until a new government is formed if the French president so requests.

But according to the results of Sunday's elections, it is not clear how long it may take to form a government. To run the French government effectively, Macron must form coalitions, although he has said he will not negotiate with leftist leader Jean-Luc Melenchon, whose party won first.

However, a statement from the Elysee Palace said that "as the guarantor of our institutions, the president will respect the choice of the French people." According to the Associated Press news agency, Melanchon, for his part, called the results "a great relief for the majority of the people of our country."

Prepare to riot
Riots, clashes and looting broke out across France as a picture of the election results emerged on Sunday evening, as left-wing supporters took to the streets to celebrate the victory of the New Popular Front coalition over Emmanuel Macron's far-right and centrist National Assembly. to celebrate

More than 30,000 riot police officers, including 5,000 in Paris alone, were deployed across France to prevent violence as political tensions between the right and the left rose sharply.

Shortly after the initial results were announced, riots erupted at the New Popular Front march in downtown Paris, with Nantes, Lyon, Marseille and Rennes quickly joining in. The crowd gathered in the Republic Square and set off fireworks and chanted: "Youth, destroy the National Front!" After the police cleared the square, a pile of trash and broken glass remained.

As the final hours of the second round of the French parliamentary elections approached, large stores in the country's busy streets covered their windows and windows with large metal and wooden plates so that they would not be damaged in the event of demonstrations.

According to Isna, preparations of large French stores such as "Zara" brand have been made with a view to the past against possible demonstrations. Last Sunday, following the announcement of the results of the first round of the parliamentary elections, thousands of people gathered in Paris and the French police used tear gas to disperse them.

French people went to the polls on Sunday to participate in the second round of the country's parliamentary elections. This unexpected election was held after Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the parliament and early elections following the success of the French far-right movement in the European Parliament elections.

Macron entered this political gamble hoping to restore the lost credibility of his party, but in the first round of the elections, Macron's party did not take the first place, nor even the second place.
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