Publish dateWednesday 10 July 2024 - 11:21
Story Code : 293309
Iraqi resistance drone attack on an Israeli power plant
The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced today (Wednesday, 20th of Cancer) that in its latest operation, it targeted the Arut Rabin power plant in occupied Palestine.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced by publishing a statement that this morning, during a drone attack, it targeted Erot Rabin power plant inside the occupied Palestinian territories.

According to this statement; In support of the people of the Gaza Strip and in response to the crimes committed by the usurping Zionist regime against Palestinian citizens, the Iraqi resistance carried out this operation with several of its drones and emphasized that it will continue to crush the positions of the Israeli enemy until the aggression on Gaza is stopped.

Arut Rabin power plant with a capacity of producing 2590 megawatts of electricity is the largest coal-fired power plant in occupied Palestine, located in the coastal city of "Khudra" in Haifa province.

This is the second time that the Iraqi resistance has targeted Erot Rabin power plant in the last few weeks. 19 years ago, the first resistance drone operation against this power plant took place.

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq announced on Tuesday evening that in continuing to support the people of Gaza and respond to the crimes of the Zionist regime, they targeted an important target in "Haifa" located in occupied Palestine.
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