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The threat to Yemen after the disruption of Saudi Arabia; Saudi airports, ports and oil facilities will be the targets of attack
Following the failure of Muscat's negotiations regarding the exchange of prisoners and the disruption of Saudi Arabia in resuming the operation of Sana'a airport, as well as this country's involvement in helping Washington to influence Yemen's military operations in support of the nation and the Gaza resistance; Yemeni military sources announced that Saudi airports, ports and oil facilities will be the targets of their attack.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): A military source in Sana'a announced that Yemen has included Saudi Arabia's airports and ports and some strategic oil facilities in its target bank.

The leadership of Sana'a entrusted the armed forces with the mission of responding to the economic tension in Yemen, which Saudi Arabia and America are behind. This is a decision that cannot be made until all other options have been exhausted and the matter has reached a dead end.

This approach follows the failure of Muscat's negotiations on the exchange of prisoners by Saudi Arabia, and the disruption in the resumption of Sana'a airport operations, as well as involvement in helping Washington to influence Yemen's military operations in support of the nation and the Gaza resistance, despite Yemen's Ansarullah's repeated warnings to Riyadh. and other countries.

In this regard, a well-informed military source in Sana'a told Al-Akhbar: "Yemen has put Saudi Arabia's airports, ports, and strategic oil facilities in the target bank again and is ready to provoke internal fronts." Saudi Arabia should abandon deception and trickery in the peace process, especially after it has been proven that Saudi Arabia is behind the recent economic crisis and is involved in hostile actions against Yemen; Actions including allowing the use of American aircraft from Saudi bases and providing intelligence data about Yemeni bases.

This source added: The release of some pictures and coordinates of airports and ports in Saudi Arabia are the first messages to Riyadh and there are other surprises. Yemen's Ansarullah leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi's request to Saudi Arabia to abandon these measures is the last deadline that Riyadh can use to prevent any part of Saudi Arabia from igniting. The forces of Sana'a were able to close the port of Eilat in Israel and target the port of Haifa and Israeli commercial ships and related ships in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean, and they are capable of targeting any vital facilities in Saudi Arabia.

According to ISNA, recently, after Abdul Malik al-Houthi's warning and the announcement of the rule of "port against port" and "airport against airport" to Saudi Arabia in case of continuing the blockade of Yemen, the media affiliated with Ansarullah in Yemen released aerial photos and coordinates of the most important and prominent airports and ports in Saudi Arabia. published under the title "So try".

These aerial images include photos of King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah, King Fahd Airport in Al Dammam, Ras Tanureh Port, Jizan Port, Jeddah Port and King Abdullah Port in King Abdullah Economic City.

In addition, sources in shipping in the city of Hodeida, Yemen, told Al-Akhbar that since Monday morning, clashes occurred in the Red Sea in front of Bab al-Mandab, and explosions were heard. The American Central Command also announced the interception of 2 drones and claimed that its allies destroyed 2 other drones in the Gulf of Aden.

Also, the Zionist regime admitted on Monday that it was exposed to a new attack from the Red Sea. "Daniel Hagari", the spokesman of the Zionist regime's army, announced that the regime's forces fired rockets to counter this attack.
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