Publish dateThursday 11 July 2024 - 11:28
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The final statement of the NATO summit: Russia is the biggest threat to our security
The NATO summit in Washington this morning (Thursday, 11th July) ended with the issuance of a statement including clauses of support for Ukraine and repeated claims against China and Russia.
Afghan Voice News Agency (Ava) - International Service: The three-day meeting of the heads of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member states in Washington this morning (Thursday, July 11) ended with the issuance of a statement.

The final statement of the NATO summit states: "Russia remains the biggest threat to NATO's security." But we are still ready to maintain communication channels with Moscow to reduce risks and prevent escalation of tension."

"Sputnik" news agency quoted this statement and wrote: "NATO plans to provide military aid worth at least 40 billion dollars to Ukraine next year."

"NATO supports the irreversible path towards Ukraine's integration into the Euro-Atlantic community, including NATO membership, and intends to establish an office to coordinate the provision of military equipment and training to Ukraine," the statement continued.

The statement also said: "NATO wants China to participate in constructive strategic dialogue to reduce risks."

After issuing this statement, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said during a press conference: "NATO countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean agreed to improve cooperation in the field of defense production."
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