Publish dateThursday 11 July 2024 - 14:34
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Mayor of Kiryat Shmoune: We will not become cannon fodder/We will not return to this town even if we reach an agreement with Hezbollah
The mayor of the Zionist town of Kiryat Shmoune, located in the north of occupied Palestine, said, fearing attacks by the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, "We will not return to this town even if we reach an agreement with Hezbollah."
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): "Afikhai Ashtern", the mayor of Kiryat Shmoune, emphasized that the northern settlers will not return there even if there is an agreement with Hezbollah.

In an interview with the regime's Channel 14, Mayor Kiryat Shmoneh said: "The threat of October 7 against the North has not been resolved, we are still in the same situation as on October 6, the authorities evacuated us from the settlement because we are under threat and threat." we were."

He asked nervously: "What has changed since then, have they done anything to eliminate this threat?"
"If anybody thinks they've signed a deal and they're telling us to come back, I'm telling them they're wrong, nobody's coming back, we're not going to be the fodder," Stern said.
Meanwhile, Israeli media reported yesterday, Tuesday, that more than 70% of the areas of "Isba al-Jalil" were damaged by the attacks of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

"Ishaq Brik", a retired general and Israeli military expert, recently warned the leaders of this regime that if they go to war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, they should expect a "repetition of the October 7 disaster (Operation Storm Al-Aqsa)."

Brik stated that the decision of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of War Yoav Galant, and Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Hertzi Halevi, to attack Hezbollah is "mass suicide" and emphasized: "These people have nothing to lose and Israel They lead to the abyss."

He also emphasized: "This time, if another October 7 occurs, it will be a more dangerous defeat [awaiting Israel]; The reason for that is the comprehensive regional war that will be formed against us and will destroy Israel."
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