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"Islamic Republic Newspaper" and playing in enemy field!
It has been more than two years since the Islamic Emirate took power in Afghanistan, and during this period, unlike the previous period, it has achieved many positive points in political, cultural and economic matters, which is undeniable. Although the opponents and critics of the Islamic Emirate consider the Doha agreement with the United States as the basis for their presence in power and the collapse of the republican system, the main reason for the fall of the republic was excessive corruption in all fields and absolute dependence on the presence of the occupiers, which resulted in a shameful defeat and withdrawal. Due to their irresponsibility, Ashraf Ghani's fake republic collapsed.
Following the Doha agreement and America's withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Americans hoped to keep the Islamic Emirate under their control and use them politically, including; use against the Islamic Republic of Iran and other rival powers in the region, but it seems that all the plans and plans of America have been foiled. The political activities of the Islamic Emirate during this period show that it is actually to the detriment of America and to the benefit of the Islamic world, and Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban is recovering its true position in the Islamic world. During the past two years, the Americans tried to somehow attract the Islamic Emirate to their side with the constant policy of "stick and carrot" (in the so-called national language, sote and zardak), but with the real understanding of their unreliability and reliance, Practically all their plans failed.
Recently, in continuation of its incorrect and incorrect approaches, analyzes and reports about Afghanistan, playing in the field of the enemy and aligned with it, in a report, the Islamic Republic of Iran compared the Islamic Emirate to the "second Israel" in the region and opposed the Islamic Republic of Iran. It has encouraged. In order to prove that the Islamic Emirate is the "second Israel", this newspaper has mentioned the following reasons, which are criticized as follows;
1. The first reason is related to the relationship between the Islamic Emirate and the Zionist regime. According to this newspaper: "During the first 5 years of this group's rule in Afghanistan and 20 years away from rule, and now two years and three months have passed since its second rule over the country, the Emirate of Asami never took the slightest action against the Zionist regime and did not take a position. This summer, the officials of the Zionist regime announced that this regime has relations with the Taliban and is trying to develop them. It is natural that such a group does not take action against the Zionist regime.
The author of this report either really did not have information, or he deliberately misled himself, while Afghanistan under the control of the Islamic Emirate is the third Islamic country that publicly declared its support for Palestine after the Al-Aqsa storm operation and even stated that is ready to send troops to Gaza. Also, the construction of three symbols of the House of Al-Quds in Afghanistan shows that the current of the Taliban is actually in conflict with the Israeli regime, but this writer has not noticed these issues at all. Besides this, the Hamas movement was one of the first currents that congratulated the Islamic Emirate's coming to power and the defeat and disgraceful withdrawal of America from Afghanistan, and during the recent trip of the delegation of the World Muslim Scholars' Union from Doha to Kabul, Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political office of Hamas, gave a special greeting. He has reached the leadership and senior officials of the Taliban. On the other hand, after nearly two months of aggression and crimes committed by the Zionist regime against Gaza and other occupied Palestinian territories, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly issued various statements condemning these crimes, as well as some important officials of the country, including the Minister of Interior of Afghanistan. It has taken a very clear and serious stance against the degenerate regime of Israel and in support of the Gaza Mujahideen, and with the support of the country's government, dozens of demonstrations have been held in different parts of the country in support of the Palestinian struggle.
2. The second reason of the author of this newspaper is that America created the Taliban and as Hillary Clinton said; The purpose of its establishment was to confront the Islamic Republic and support the interests of America and the Zionist regime in the region.
But if the author of this text were to comment on the views of American politicians, how they confess and express regret for their failure in Afghanistan, he would never give such a reason. What is clear is that the 20-year struggle of the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate with the support of other revolutionary currents and battles and a large mass of people, has such an impact on America and its criminal allies in this country - that with each passing day, new angles of their crimes in Afghanistan are revealed. Shud-Tang said that after spending hundreds of billions of dollars, they had no choice but to leave the country shamefully and irresponsibly and flee the country at night, and if the Taliban were American and supported the interests of America and the Zionist regime in the region, would this The country was forced to leave Afghanistan in disgrace and flee at night?!
Some people refer to the signing of the Doha Agreement between the Islamic Emirate and the United States as the Americanization of the Taliban, but as a result of their 20-year campaign against the United States and the heavy defeat and its heavier consequences, the Americans have no choice but to escape from Afghanistan and get rid of the Afghan Mujahideen. Except for the signing of the peace agreement, and this agreement is a document of the victory of the Afghan people against America and its allies, not a sign of the Taliban.
  3. The third reason given by the author of Jumohri-e-Islami newspaper is related to the aid that Western governments continuously give to the "self-proclaimed government of the Taliban" to listen to their orders. According to the report of this newspaper, the Western governments give the Taliban between 40,000 and 50,000 dollars every week, and it is with this support that during the 45-day war in Gaza, the group did not allow any demonstrations against Israel to take place in Afghanistan, while the people of Afghanistan strongly They are anti-Israel and supporters of the Palestinian caused.
But first of all, various demonstrations and protest gatherings were held in Afghanistan against Israel, and the flag of the Zionist regime was set on fire, and the Islamic Emirate has provided security for it, but if the demonstrations are of millions, on the one hand, there is the issue of security threats from the ISIS terrorist group. On the other hand, there have been problems such as poverty and scarcity of people, as well as the lack of coordination between cultural and social centers in organizing the people, and the fact that the demonstrations of hundreds of thousands and millions of people in other parts of the world were all popular and without the role of governments. Is. The next point is the serious effects of the vast cultural invasion of the past 20 years by America and the West in Afghanistan to diminish and even eliminate the high national and Islamic values, which now, with the Islamic Emirate becoming the ruler, an all-encompassing Islamic narrative has spread in the country.
Second; Regarding the aid, these aid are not tens of thousands of dollars, but tens of millions of dollars, and on the other hand, due to the strict sanctions and supervision by the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and other aid organizations. It depends on how it is sent and how it is used, so that it does not get into the hands of the Taliban. It is unlikely that even a single dollar of it has reached the hands of the Taliban or has been misused by them. In the meantime, the Central Bank of Afghanistan has received this money as an intermediary and provided it to one of the private banks trusted by international institutions.
Considering the nature of Afghanistan's economic and social crisis after the withdrawal of American forces from the country and financial and monetary sanctions, including the freezing of assets of the Central Bank as well as private banks and Afghan businessmen and investors, there is a strong need to deliver cash to People's hands were there to save them from starvation. Referring to the news of Afghanistan, it is quite clear that a major part of international aid to the needy people is cash so that they can meet their immediate and basic needs; However, these contributions are now greatly reduced. Following their irresponsible withdrawal from Afghanistan and leaving the people to fend for themselves, which was accompanied by the collapse of the economic system, America and the West have a duty and obligation to send their meager humanitarian aid to these people, otherwise they will witness a disaster. We were human.
Meanwhile, the government of the Islamic Emirate in the last two years, by facilitating trade, especially exports, and supporting domestic industries and productions, as well as fighting administrative and financial corruption, for the first time in the country's history, has provided the entire government budget from domestic sources and revenues. and national funding, while in the previous government in the republic system, at best, between 40 and 50 percent of the normal budget and 100 percent of the military budget were provided by America and NATO and other aid. Fortunately, under the support of the Islamic Emirate, Afghanistan's economy has not only been saved from a complete collapse, but is going through a period of transition from an economy completely dependent on physical presence and foreign aid to an industrial and production-oriented economy that relies on domestic and foreign capacities. Afghanistan is a bridge between the region and the heart of Asia.
Of course, the United States may want to make the Taliban appear American, and pursue their interests by putting pressure on them, and certainly one of their ways is to attract attention through financial aid, but the type of Taliban's domestic and foreign policy Especially with the Islamic Republic of Iran, China and Russia, it shows the true nature of their performance.
4 and 5. In his fourth and fifth reasons, the author of the article of the Islamic Republic newspaper also mentioned the similarity of the Taliban with Zionism in racism and their commitment to the United States in Qatar to defend the interests of the United States and Israel. "Those who came to our country with the crude idea that the Taliban have changed and are against the interests of America, and are trying to purify this group and cooperate with it, have been deceived by the lies of this Takfiri terrorist group."
In response to these two reasons, it should be said, as mentioned above; What is obvious is the attack of the Islamic Emirate against America and Israel, and Afghanistan, under their rule, is becoming a new capacity and potential in supporting the resistance front, and it should be taken advantage of, despite the fact that it is the opposite. Not supporting, isolating, and not recognizing the Islamic Emirate is at the center of America's interests and it can push them away from the countries and powers of the region, into America's lap. Therefore, in order to build a united Muslim country and support the axis of resistance against the Zionist regime and the United States, he took the hand of the Islamic Emirate government and did not let go. and neighboring countries. For this reason, to introduce the Taliban as Americans is ignorance of the reality on the ground in Afghanistan and playing on the enemy's field, and will destroy the solid political relations between the Islamic Republic and the Taliban.
Another lie of the Islamic Republic newspaper is that it called the Islamic Emirate and the Taliban takfiris, while this group, like most Afghan Sunnis, is of the Hanafi religion and has Sufi and mystical thoughts. The religion of Imam Abu Hanifa (RA), who was a student of Imam Sadiq (AS), is the most moderate religion among Sunni religions and has the largest number of followers. The followers of this religion, like Shia, are the first-class enemies of Wahhabism and Takfiri Salafism, as the ideology and ideology of ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and the government of the Islamic Emirate during the past two years is in line with the destruction of the ideological cores of Wahhabism and Takfiri Salafism in Kabul and elsewhere. The provinces of Afghanistan, especially Herat and Balkh, as well as Nangarhar, have made many achievements and prevented the recruitment of Takfiri terrorists.
another point,The use of the depersonalized cliché of "purification" by this newspaper and some other people and currents is about people, groups and countries that emphasize the necessity of interaction with the Islamic Emirate, as the current ruler of Afghanistan, while no There is no alternative and no alternative for it, and no country, neither at the level of neighbors and the region, nor at the global level, supports Afghanistan's move towards another comprehensive internal war. For this reason, the current rule of the Taliban is the most objective reality of today's society, and in the interests of the poor, unemployed, displaced and crisis-stricken people and their support, interaction and communication with the Islamic Emirate is an inevitable choice, but those who do not want this reality Admit it, regardless of the current interests of the Afghan people, they do not know the difference between "purification" and "engagement", but the basis of the word purification is a false and incorrect term and stereotype.
Finally, we hope that the people involved in the Islamic Republic of Iran system will stop negative activities, slander and propaganda in favor of the American and Zionist enemy inside the country and play the media and the press such as the newspaper of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of the enemy, which can be far away. To provide and prevent the formation of two governments and two countries. This is not the first time that this newspaper publishes false and incorrect claims not only against Afghanistan and the Islamic Emirate, but also against Afghan immigrants in Iran.
Meanwhile, the one-week visit of the high-ranking delegation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to Iran, led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the economic deputy of the prime minister, changed the way they look at Iran and its rich economic potential, as well as the wide reflection of this trip, which is a good indication of the capacity The high goals are to upgrade the relations between the two countries to the level of strategic relations.
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