Publish dateMonday 24 June 2024 - 21:18
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"Ghadir Khum" incident, a factor of unity or effective in creating and perpetuating differences?!
At the same time as the anniversary of the "Ghadir Khum" event is approaching, some suspicions, especially in the virtual space, are spreading that; Commemorating this anniversary and celebrating it as Ghadir Kham Eid is to highlight the cause of discord among the Islamic Ummah and to create hatred against the honorable caliphs and to instill the truth that; Although Imam Ali (peace be upon him) was appointed by the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) as a successor and executor by the order of God Almighty, but the three caliphs usurped his right and took over the management of the Islamic world. Bringing it up and propagating and promoting its culture provides the grounds and conditions for creating harmony, alignment and unity of the Islamic Ummah, not creating differences and divisions, unless individuals and groups act as enemy agents or are influenced by indoctrination and the conspiracies of the enemies of religion and humanity have been placed, not only on the path determined by them, but unintentionally, in order to create controversial doubts among Muslims, the role of unpaid or low-paid foreign workers in play between Islamic communities.
Therefore, there is no doubt that just as Imam Ali, peace be upon him, during his lifetime, he not only did not allow any factor to cause discord, but also took steps and acted in the direction of the unity and unity of Muslims. will be the basis for the alignment, coordination and unity of Muslims.
This is where it should be emphasized, considering that; Today, the people of Afghanistan need unity more than ever, taking over the anniversary of the Ghadir Kham incident under the title of Ghadir Eid Day and exploiting the spiritual and material richness of this day to explain the necessity of practicing the Ghadir culture, the conditions and reasons for unity among individuals and ranks. It will make people more available.
Therefore, it is necessary for the people of Afghanistan to take a serious, radical and all-round action to observe and celebrate Ghadir Eid in a glorious and comprehensive way, by using its spiritual and divine atmosphere, to explain Ghadir culture and the need for public recognition of it, so that in addition to Taking the baggage of the hereafter, make their world more prosperous.
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