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COVID-19: Afghan religious scholars ban congregations

Landlocked country with fragile health system faces daunting task of curtailing the pandemic, says vice president
COVID-19: Afghan religious scholars ban congregations
Religious scholars in Afghanistan on Sunday out rightly banned all sorts of congregations in the country amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.
The ruling came in the form of a ‘fatwa’ religious decree through the Ulema's (religious scholars) High Commission, endorsed by the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs.
It has urged people to stay at home and avoid going to mosques for five-time prayers. The decree has advised only a few close relatives should attend funeral prayers of a person who dies of the coronavirus.
This comes as the number of patients infected with the virus also known as COVID-19 surged over 300 on Sunday. Police in the capital city Kabul on Sunday set-up additional check posts to strictly implement the lockdown.
However, health experts believe the figure could be higher considering the under-reporting due to lack of resources and testing facilities.
Separately, the Afghan government inaugurated its flagship 100-bed hospital for coronavirus patients completed in three weeks in Herat, bordering Iran, on Sunday.
Speaking on the occasion, Vice President Sarwar Danish said the landlocked country with a fragile health system currently facing the daunting task of curtailing the pandemic.

Monday 6 April 2020 03:52
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