Publish dateTuesday 7 April 2020 - 09:39
Story Code : 207120
Afghan govt. adopts strict measures to control COVID 19
With the increase in the coronavirus cases in Afghanistan, officials in Kabul have tightened lockdown measures in the country. According to a new decision by the government, the violators of quarantine regulations will be either fined or imprisoned.
The new decision has sparked harsh protests from the poor people especially street workers who strongly dismiss the decision as a cruel move.
The critics say the government should launch fruitful measures to save the lives of thousands of poor families by providing them with enough food to battle a possible starvation during the outbreak.
Based on some estimations, about 50 percent of the Afghan population live below the poverty line. Meanwhile, reports say the government has also failed to remarkably reduce the level of poverty in the country.
Financial problems have created a big challenge for the Afghan government in fighting the spread of COVID 19. Government officials say they will never succeed in curbing the disease unless they can assure the vulnerable people that they will be protected against the impacts of the contagion. There are some families in Afghanistan whose survival depends on daily wages what, are times, are less than five dollars a day.
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