Publish dateSunday 14 August 2022 - 12:12
Story Code : 257104
America: Al-Qaeda is not able to take revenge on the soil of Afghanistan
After claiming that Ayman Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda in Kabul, was killed by an American drone attack, now the country's intelligence agencies have published a report stating that this terrorist group lacks the necessary power and ability to take revenge on Afghan soil.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The New York Times published a report today Sunday (August 14, 2022) and said that an assessment has been made, showing that al-Qaeda does not have the ability to launch an attack from Afghanistan against the United States.
The assessment, which some analysts call an optimistic picture, says that al-Qaeda will rely, at least for now, on a collection of loyal affiliates outside the region to carry out potential terrorist plots against the West.
However, counterterrorism analysts believe that the intelligence agencies' judgments paint an optimistic picture of a complex and fast-moving terrorist landscape.
Edmund Fitton Brown, a former top UN counter-terrorism official, said: "The assessment is very detailed, but it is also the most positive outlook on a threat that is still fully active."
This assessment was made while America killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda network in Kabul at the end of July.
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