Publish dateTuesday 6 June 2023 - 14:59
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India and Germany are seeking a $5.2 billion deal to build submarines
"Bloomberg" has reported that Germany and India are close to a final agreement to build 6 diesel submarines.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): While publishing the news of the impending agreement between Germany and India to build 6 submarines, Bloomberg linked this news to the war in Ukraine and wrote: "Russia's long war in Ukraine has caused New Delhi to supply resources expand its military hardware beyond Moscow.
According to this American media, the German company "ThyssenKrupp AG", which is one of the largest steel producing companies, and the Indian shipbuilding company "Mazgan Dock" jointly to build 6 diesel submarines worth 5.2 billion dollars for the Indian Navy.
Indian and German officials have said that initial agreements in this regard are to be signed during the visit of German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius to India.
Pistorius, who arrived in New Delhi on Tuesday for a two-day visit, had told a German TV channel before this trip that the agreement to build a submarine would be one of the topics on his New Delhi visit.
The German defense minister said about his role in the agreement between this country and India to build a submarine that his role was to "support and assist" the negotiations between the managers of the respective companies and their Indian counterparts.
Pistorius added: "This (German-Indian agreement to build submarines) will be a big and important contract not only for German industries but also for India and the German-Indian strategic partnership."
Despite the publication of the news of the impending agreement between India and Germany in the field of submarine construction, the Indian Ministry of Defense and the Indian shipbuilding company "Mazgan Dock" avoided any comments about it, and the spokesmen of the German Ministry of Defense and the German company "ThyssenKrupp AG" also reacted. They have not shown this news.
The release of the news of the agreement between Germany and India to build a submarine was made in a situation where Western countries have put a lot of pressure on India to reduce its economic and military relations with Russia since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.
India has traditionally had good military and economic relations with Russia for many decades, and in recent years has opposed Western pressure to abandon New Delhi's relations with Moscow.
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