Publish dateTuesday 14 February 2023 - 15:36
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Herat businessmen donated nearly 57 thousand dollars to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey
Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Herat province allocated nearly 57 thousand dollars to help earthquake victims in Turkey.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Herat: In the Holy Quran ceremony, which was held by the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Herat province and a group of businessmen and investors in cooperation with the local administration of this province, the organizers expressed their sympathy with the authorities of Turkish Consulate in Herat and provided cash assistance to the victims of this natural disaster in Turkey.
During this ceremony, Herat Governor Sheikh Noor Ahmad Islamjar said that the people of Herat are ready to serve the people of Turkey and Syria.
Mr. Islamjar added: So far, several doctors from Herat have prepared to go to Turkey and treat the injured on behalf of doctors.
The governor of Herat also added: domestic charities from this province are also ready to help the people of Turkey.
He also stated: The recent incident should not weaken the will of Turkish Muslims. Rather, they should take firmer steps again for the progress of their country.
Meanwhile, Maulana Naeem-ul-Haq Haqqani, head of information and culture in Herat, considered the pain of the Turkish people to be the pain of the Afghan nation and said: Our people cannot be insensitive to the recent incident in Turkey. Because the Islamic Emirate has had the best relations in the world with Turkey.
In the continuation of this ceremony, Mohammad Yunus Ghazizada, the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Herat Province, announced all-round cooperation to help the victims of this event.
He said: The government and nation of Turkey have stood by the people of Afghanistan during the most difficult days, and now facing this incident, the government and nation of Afghanistan will stand by the people of this country.
On the other hand, Senan Alikhan, the Consul General of Turkey in Herat, expressed his gratitude for the assistance of the leadership board of Herat Chamber of Commerce and Investment to the survivors and injured of this incident and said: Turkey, with its very close cultural commonalities with the people of Afghanistan, has always supported this country. He knows as his friend and brother.
Turkey is one of the countries that has helped the people of Herat in various sectors in the past years.
This is despite the fact that not long ago, the seventh aid shipment of Turkey was distributed to the needy through the Red Crescent of Herat province.
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