Publish dateSaturday 13 April 2024 - 08:55
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A challenging factor for the current government of Afghanistan and the need to deal with it
Seyed Isa Hosseini Mazari / Corruption, especially administrative, financial and moral, like a termite, destroys the foundations of a system and then faces collapse, and is one of the major factors of weakening the American republic in Afghanistan and providing the basis The reason for its downfall was the existence of all-inclusive corruption in all the pillars and components of its 20-year rule, and this corruption had spread and became widespread in different layers of the country's social life. 

Because, on the one hand, the corrupting platforms remain as a sinister legacy of the republican era, and on the other hand, the enemy is trying to seriously and comprehensively use this tool against the current governance structure.
Therefore, although the government has so far shown that it is determined to fight against various aspects of corruption and has had significant successes in this field, it also requires leadership, senior managers, middle managers and the rule of compassionate forces. Islami, along with paying attention to other components of the macro and efficient management of the country and the system, with more determination, openness and transparency than before, take a serious and all-round fight against all the roots, grounds and conditions of corruption in Afghanistan. And in this way, provide the means for the effective survival of the government, the well-being and comfort of the people and the authority of the country.
It looks natural; If only in front of this destructive and subversive factor with all its form and content, it is done with the power of standing and not only the space and platform of its influence is destroyed, but it is completely destroyed or very weakened, the system not from the inside, "because There is no motivated, healthy, coherent and powerful alternative opposition force" and not from outside, "because capable mercenaries, which can be used by foreigners to interfere in the country's affairs and try to overthrow the government, are not prominent and reliable". Otherwise, sooner or later, we will have to wait for the sad collapse of the current system, the horrible downfall of Afghanistan.
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