Publish dateWednesday 7 June 2023 - 13:31
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The Russian army was equipped with the new "Sukhoi-34" bombers
At the same time as the Ukrainian Air Force was equipped with Western fighters, the Russian media reported that the Russian army was equipped with the new Sukhoi-34 bombers.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): At the same time as the war between Russia and Ukraine continues and the Ukrainian Air Force is equipped with Western fighters, the Russian media reported on Tuesday that the Russian army has been equipped with new "Sukhoi-34" bombers. .
According to the "Jerusalem Post" newspaper, citing Russian media, "United Aircraft," the manufacturer of this fighter, announced in a statement that this aircraft was delivered to the Russian army after being produced at the aviation factory and undergoing tests.
The Sukhoi-34 is Russia's top fighter-bomber aircraft. The number of these fighters transferred to the Russian army has not yet been revealed, but it may be four in total.
The Sukhoi-34 is a 2-seater fighter-bomber designed for precision attacks on land and sea targets, as well as destroying targets in the sky. This fighter can be used for reconnaissance and forest (electronic warfare) missions.
The equipping of the Russian army with these types of fighters by Russian companies is interesting considering the continuation of the war between Moscow and Kiev.
"Vadim Voroshilov", one of the prominent pilots of the Ukrainian Air Force, recently said about the power of the Russian Air Force: "The Russians always change tactics. They set traps and send a Russian jet, tricking the Ukrainian pilot into thinking there is only one jet. Then two or three other planes appeared on both sides of it and practically surrounded the Ukrainian plane."
The number of Russian planes is several times more than that of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Air Force does not have enough crews and equipment to effectively protect the airspace on the front line and against the daily attacks of Russian combat planes and helicopters. Military analysts also believe that the cost of restoring the F-16 fighters donated by the United States to Ukraine is high and that these fighters are capable of crossing they do not have the multi-layer defense of Russia.
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