Publish dateMonday 17 July 2023 - 08:59
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Russia has enough reserves of cluster munitions to countermeasure against Ukraine!
Following US President Joe Biden's decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview that Russia has "sufficient stockpiles" of cluster munitions and warned that Moscow has "the right to retaliate" Ukraine reserves the right to use these types of weapons.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Putin, in his first statement about the delivery of cluster munitions to Ukraine by the United States, which was published today, Sunday, July 16, claimed that Russia has used cluster bombs in its war against Ukraine so far.
The President of Russia stated: "We have not done this, we have not used it [cluster bombs] and we have not had such a need."
Meanwhile, the United States Department of Defense (Pentagon) announced on Thursday that the cluster munitions sent by the United States have reached the hands of Ukrainian forces.
According to Euro News, these munitions are actually bombs that, after opening in the air and on the way to hit the ground, release a large number of smaller bombs from inside. The United States has considered Ukraine's acquisition of these ammunitions necessary to strengthen the offensive power of this country and also to break the lines of resistance of the Russian army.
Last week, US President Joe Biden's decision was made after several weeks of consultation with US officials and allies of this country. The decision is not without its critics, as the use of cluster bombs has long been criticized by humanitarian groups and some US allies, as bombs used in previous conflicts have left behind many unexploded components. They have threatened the lives of civilians for years after the war.
In another news, the Ukrainian and Polish authorities announced on Saturday, the arrival of Wagner's forces from Russia to the territory of Belarus. Also, Minsk announced on Friday that members of this militia group were training Belarusian soldiers in the southeast of the country's capital.
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