Publish dateTuesday 15 August 2023 - 15:22
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Stanikzai: The gates of Schools and Universities Eill be Reopened for girls, But It Takes Time
On the second anniversary of the return to power of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), deputy foreign minister for political affairs, said that, education is the right of men and women, but states religious scholars have different opinions.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Stanikzai has said that the Islamic Emirate is not opposed to women’s education, as women and men have the right to education but says there are differing opinions among scholars and once these differences have been resolved that the gates of schools and universities will be reopened for girls. He said however that this is a time-consuming issue.
In an interview with al-Jazeera, he said that in Doha they made a commitment with America and the international community that they will not allow Afghanistan to be used against America and other countries including neighboring countries.
“We have been faithful and loyal to the commitment we made in Doha with America. During the past two years, there is no evidence to show that Afghanistan’s soil has been used against America, other countries, and neighbors,” said Stanikzai.
He also called on the US to stick to their commitments and interact with IEA.
“We are committed to our commitment, but we want the United States and other countries of the world to stick to their commitments to us, to start their political interactions with Afghanistan from the current government as a responsible and accountable government that has achieved all the conditions to gain global legitimacy and the time has come for the world to interact with us,” he said.
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