Publish dateFriday 10 November 2023 - 11:54
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Professional women: The field of business and activity of women should be provided according to Islamic Sharia
One of the successful business women in Balkh province says that government officials should support women in the field of economic activities and provide business and activities for women according to Islamic Sharia; Because women can solve the economic problems of their families and be useful in the society.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: Ms. Nadia Sadat, one of the successful business women of Balkh province, told Ava reporter about her activity and motivation to create employment for women: the company producing dishwashing liquid and sweets at a cost of more than 400 I created a thousand afghanis and this action has given employment to 5 women and 3 men.
He stated: Being useful in the society was my teenage dream and I always wanted to start a business career after finishing my university course so that I can create a healthy work environment for women, because girls, like men, want to work and be effective. Being in the family economy is in their mind and it is only necessary to provide the ground.
Mrs. Sadat added: "My request to the government officials is to support women in all fields, especially business, so that women can play a role in society and the obstacles to women's activities are removed, because Afghan women always work and work according to Islamic Sharia."
The mentioned said that there are many women in our society who do not have a breadwinner or breadwinner, if they are provided with a healthy work environment, they can certainly be useful in the society in addition to solving the economic problems of their families.
He spoke about the positive role of women in Afghanistan's economy and added: Women should not be displaced and wandered for a piece of bread, but with the support of the government and the initiative of trade women, they should play an effective and useful role in the society and have the ability to progress in the existence of existing women. Is.
Mrs. Nadia Sadat advised the women of Afghanistan that the situation should not be disappointing for them, but they should work better and regularly according to the laws of the government of the Islamic Emirate, and Afghan women should not stop trying and be disappointed.
On the other hand, the women working in this dishwashing liquid and sweets production company said: We are happy that we have a job opportunity and everyone knows that if Afghan women are given better opportunities, they can definitely play a role and be useful in the society.
Also, these working women want the government of the Islamic Emirate to open the doors of schools and universities for girls as soon as possible and not to allow uneducated Afghan girls to come.
It should be noted that the officials of the local government of Balkh Province have said many times that according to the Islamic Sharia and the orders of the leadership of the Islamic Emirate, they support the activities of women in the economic and business fields and consider the role of women in the Islamic society as a necessity.
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