Publish dateWednesday 22 November 2023 - 09:36
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The 10th anniversary of the Europa field event and the coup in Ukraine with the support of the European Union and NATO led by the United States and terrible repressions
In an interview with journalists in Kabul, the Russian ambassador to Afghanistan, referring to the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the "Europe Square" event, the organization of public demonstrations with the support of the European Union and NATO led by the United States in Ukraine and their interventions in this country, emphasized that these events And the demonstrations caused a real deterioration of the socio-economic situation in Ukraine, and the opponents of the coup were terribly suppressed.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Dmitry Zhirnov, the Russian ambassador to Afghanistan, said in an interview with reporters in Kabul: On November 21 of this year, 10 years have passed since the beginning of the "Europa Maidan" event, that is, public demonstrations. which was organized and financed by the European Union and NATO under the leadership of the United States of America. The events of "Europa Maidan" were fueled by the fact that Viktor Yanukovych, the legal president of Ukraine, postponed the signing of the union agreement between Ukraine and the European Union due to Kiev's obligations in the free trade agreement within the framework of the Commonwealth of Nations.
He added: Westerners' abnormal interventions in Kyiv's internal affairs and their shameless efforts to separate Ukraine from Russia later led to an armed coup d'état in February 2014 in this country, which was still carried out with money and help from the West. Was. As a result of this coup, radical nationalist forces took power in Kiev. In addition to other cases, the events of "Europa Maidan" caused a real deterioration of the socio-economic situation in Ukraine.
According to Zhirnov, the coup led to catastrophic events in eastern Ukraine. The new government attempted to immediately repeal the regional languages law, accusing Russian-speaking residents of eastern Ukraine who defied the law of "treason" and "terrorism."
He added: The so-called "anti-terrorist" operation for the armed suppression of the protests in Donbass had started using the regular army and neo-Nazi repressive squads. The West, led by the United States of America, is arming and inciting Ukraine against Russia, and the Western-affiliated Kyiv authorities are fully responsible for the suffering of innocent people.
This senior Russian diplomat stated: The United States of America and the European Union did not even try to satisfy the Kiev regime. On the contrary, in the West, the coup plotters and their anti-Russian policy were praised and encouraged.
According to him, all these cases led to the terrible suppression of the opponents of the coup d'état in Odysseus (May 2, 2014) and the participants of the World War II victory celebration in the city of Maripol (May 9, 2014) by neo-Nazis. As a result, dozens of people were beaten, shot and burned alive at that time. We still haven't forgotten about "sniper jobs".
In the end, the Russian ambassador in Kabul said: "Regarding these events, no investigation has been conducted as necessary and no one has been punished in connection with the outrageous crimes of Ukrainian soldiers."
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