Publish dateSaturday 2 December 2023 - 14:21
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Experts: The government must prevent crime/Ministry of Interior: Criminal actions are investigated seriously
Following the attack of armed men on Friday (Friday, December 1) on the worshipers in Herat province, which led to the martyrdom of 9 people, including two religious scholars, military experts say that the government should maintain law and order in the society and prevent the occurrence of crimes. slow, otherwise the people will distance themselves from the government and the credibility of the government will decrease among the citizens.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: On Friday, 1st of DEC, after the Friday political prayer, 9 residents of the "National Furnace" area of Jibril district of Herat, who were on their way to their homes, were attacked by armed men. They were anonymous. Following this attack, thousands of people of this region, while burying the bodies of the martyrs, protested the increase in insecurity.
Noorullah Ebrahim Khel, an expert on military affairs, told AVA that the government must maintain law and order in the society and prevent crime, otherwise people will distance themselves from the government and the credibility of the government will decrease among the citizens. became.
He added that in order to maintain the security of its citizens, the government must form intelligence forces and keep them equipped and ready to protect people and prevent crime and violence.
This military expert pointed out: The leaders of the Islamic Emirate, who are now in charge of Afghanistan's sovereignty, should take the necessary measures to deal with terrorist groups in order to ensure the safety of the citizens.
He said that by increasing the intelligence forces, the government can stop the criminals and hand them over to the law.
At the same time, Toriyali Sarvari, a political expert, said in an interview with AVA: "The government of Afghanistan must work day and night to ensure the security of its citizens, because the intelligence services of some countries in the region are trying to start ethnic wars in Afghanistan."
He added that if the current government in Afghanistan does not take necessary measures to prevent terrorist attacks, the activities of terrorist groups will increase in the future.
This political expert emphasized that the government should fundamentally protect the country's borders and prevent the penetration of dangerous elements into the country.
Abdul Matin Qane, the spokesman of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, in connection with the terrorist incident in Herat province on Friday (DEC 1), told AVA that the Ministry of Interior Affairs considers such terrorist acts to be the work of the enemies of the Afghan people and assures the people of Afghanistan, especially the citizens of Herat, that this He investigates such criminal events seriously, identifies the perpetrators and hands them over to the law.
This is despite the fact that less than ten days ago, two other religious scholars were attacked and martyred in a terrorist attack in Al-Mahdi neighborhood of Jibrail Herat.
Also, before that, during the past month, Hojjatul Islam Etimadi in Khushroud area of Herat was also kidnapped by unknown people while returning from a funeral ceremony and then he was martyred.
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