Publish dateWednesday 26 December 2018 - 16:18
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Saleh outlines priorities by assuming charge of the Ministry of Interior
The acting minister of interior Amrullah Saleh outlined the priorities of the ministry under his leadership by formally assuming charge of the ministry today.
In his speech during his introductory ceremony in the ministry of interior, Saleh said he is assuming the charge of the ministry as a sincere servant of the people and as a brutal minister to terrorists and criminals.
Saleh further added that the ministry of interior is a key governmental institution between the people and government, emphasizing that he would step up efforts to rehabilitate the image of the police forces and create an environment of hope among the people.
He also added that serious attention would paid to the disabled police forces and families of the fallen soldiers and would promote the culture of respect to the disabled members of the police forces in the ministry.
Amrullah Saleh was formally introduced as the acting minister of interior during a ceremony in ARG Palace on Tuesday evening.
Asadullah Khalid was also introduced as the acting minister of defense by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during the same ceremony.
In his speech during the ceremony in ARG Palace, President Ghani said both Khalid and Saleh are the young and experienced cadres and have high national morale.
He said the duo has been cooperative with the government in national issue despite expressing their difference on political level and both have specific and distinct leadership and point of view.
Emphasizing on the need to utilize the intelligence expertise of Khalid and Saleh in a critical juncture of time, President Ghani said the government decided to benefit from the intelligence and military experiences of the two cadres in implementing reforms in the defense and interior ministries.
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