Publish dateTuesday 5 December 2023 - 11:20
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The massive attacks of the Zionist regime on the south of the Gaza Strip / the attack of the Zionist military on various cities of the West Bank
The 60th day of Al-Aqsa storm operation has started while the leaders of the Zionist regime spoke about expanding the scope of their killings and crimes in the Gaza Strip, and the resistance emphasized the continuation of the full-scale battle against the aggressors.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: In the first minutes of the morning of the 60th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the Palestinian resistance announced the fierce and full-scale battle of the Palestinian fighters with the Zionist aggressors in the north and east of the city of Khan Yunis.

The leaders of the Zionist regime, who so far have not achieved anything in the Gaza Strip except the killing of children and defenseless women and the widespread destruction of homes, schools, hospitals and other infrastructures in this region, have emphasized on the continuation of their war, aggression and crimes.

This is despite the fact that during the past day, the resistance of Lebanon and Palestine dealt crushing blows to the Zionist occupation forces, and the Zionist areas and military bases and positions of the occupying regime were repeatedly targeted by resistance rocket and mortar attacks.

In the first minutes of this morning, the Zionist regime's fighters heavily bombarded the south of Deir al-Balah and the city of Khan Yunis.

America's fear of the spread of war in the region: a widespread conflict is not in line with the interests of America and its allies in the region

The US State Department said that a widespread conflict in the Middle East is not in the interests of the United States and its regional partners.

Tim Linderking, the US special representative for Yemeni affairs, is traveling to the countries of the Persian Gulf region to continue regional coordination regarding the maintenance of maritime security.

The attack of the Zionist soldiers on the camp of Shufat and al-Dahisheh and the continuation of the struggle of the youths who are resistant to them

The Zionist forces attacked the Shuafat camp in the north of occupied Jerusalem and Al-Dahisheh camp in Bethlehem early this morning and destroyed people's properties.

On the other hand, following the attack of the Zionist soldiers on the Al-Jalzoon camp in the north of Ramallah, there were clashes between them and the militant youth.

Israeli army bulldozers in Jenin and its camp continue to destroy its infrastructure. The conflict between young fighters and Zionist aggressors continues.

The continuation of the invaders' attack on the West Bank cities and the intense confrontation of the resistant youth with them

Various units of the Zionist army simultaneously attacked Jenin, Jericho and the towns north and west of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.

According to news sources, following the attack of the Zionist forces on Jenin and its camp, there have been fierce clashes between them and the resistant youth.

West Bank resistance youth targeted the occupants' cars with explosive packages.

The Zionist soldiers also attacked the towns of Nalin and Beit Laqiya in the west of Ramallah and installed military barriers at their entrances.

The occupiers also arrested a young Palestinian girl in the raid on Dirabum Mashal in the northwest of Ramallah.

Artillery attacks of the Zionist army on southern Lebanon

News sources reported the artillery attacks of the Zionist regime army around Belida and Aita al-Shaab in southern Lebanon. The Zionists also used phosphorus bombs against these areas.

Dozens of martyrs after the bombing of people's houses in the south of Al-Sheikh Rizwan neighborhood in Gaza

The Zionist regime's fighters bombed people's houses in the south of Al-Sheikh Rizwan neighborhood of Gaza early this Tuesday, which led to the martyrdom of dozens of them.

The US military's admission of firing 15 rockets at the country's illegal base in Syria

The American Central Command admitted on Tuesday morning that on Sunday, 15 rockets were fired towards the Al-Rimilan base in Syria, where American soldiers are stationed.

This American terrorist headquarters claimed that this attack did not result in casualties.

The Lebanese resistance fired a guided missile at the armored vehicles of the Zionist regime

The Islamic Resistance of Lebanon announced that it targeted two armored vehicles of the Zionist regime in the Ramya position with a guided missile, which led to the burning of those two vehicles, during which their occupants were killed or injured.

Three tanks and one Israeli army personnel carrier were targeted

Saraya Al-Quds Branch of the Islamic Jihad Resistance Movement announced: Our fighters in the Northern Brigade were able to target three tanks, one personnel carrier, and a military bulldozer of the Zionist regime with tandem rockets and RPGs in the axes of Beit Lahia, Al-Falujah, and Jabalia.

America's passive stance against the crushing operation of the Yemeni army against the Zionist regime

The Pentagon (US Department of Defense) announced: The wave of attacks launched by the Houthis (Yemen Army) may not only target American warships.

This ministry claimed that if we decide to move against the Houthis, it will be at the right time and place that we choose!

Heavy bombardment of Khan Yunis and Deir ul-Balah/ full-scale battle between resistance fighters and Zionist soldiers

The fighters of the Zionist regime heavily bombarded the cities of Deir al-Balah and Khan Yunis.

On the other hand, Saraya Al-Quds, the military branch of the Islamic Jihad movement, has announced the intense and full-scale battle of its fighters with the Zionist forces in the north and east of Khan Yunis.
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