Publish dateFriday 19 January 2024 - 13:20
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The response of the Islamic Emirate to the comments regarding cooperation with the terrorist group Jaish al-Zalm
The spokesperson of the Kabul Police has called the report of some media close to Pakistan that the security of the bordering provinces with Iran has been handed over to the terrorist group Jaish al-Zalm as baseless, and said that there is no connection between the government of the Islamic Emirate and this terrorist group.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: "Khalid Zadran", the spokesman of the Kabul police, on Thursday January 20, in response to some comments of people and media in this regard, emphasized that Afghanistan has nothing to do with the Jaish-e-Zalum terrorist group.
He called the report of some media close to Pakistan about handing over the security of the border province with Iran to Jaish-ul-Zulm as baseless.
Earlier, some media close to Pakistan had reported the possibility of the presence of the Jaish-e-Zalum terrorist group in Afghanistan.
These statements of the Kabul police spokesperson were also raised in response to the note of Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, who said that the Afghan Taliban and Jaish-ul-Zulm are close allies.
He had claimed on the X social network that the Taliban had entrusted the responsibility of Nimroz, Farah and Herat provinces to Jaish al-Zulm.
Before this, the Iranian newspaper Jumohri-e-Islami and some journalists in Iran had also speculated about the possibility of the Islamic Emirate supporting the Jaish al-Zalum terrorist group in Afghanistan.
Experts say that the targeting of Jaish-e-Zalum headquarters in Pakistan and the acknowledgment of this terrorist group's presence in Pakistan show that this terrorist group has no place in Afghanistan.
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