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Continued bombing of Gaza/America
The continuation of the bombing of Gaza, the deadline of the US to the Zionist regime, the contact between the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and the US, as well as the heads of France and Qatar regarding Gaza and the death of two Zionist soldiers due to reasons other than armed conflict, are among the most important developments in the morning of the 145th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Zionist regime bombed areas in the south of the Gaza Strip and hit the Jenin camp in the West Bank at the same time as the early morning airstrikes on southern Lebanon on the 145th day of the war after the Al-Aqsa storm operation.

Follow the most important developments of the morning of the 145th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation below:

Zionist air strikes on southern Lebanon
The Zionist regime has targeted areas in southern Lebanon such as Eita al-Shaab with its airstrikes on five occasions this Wednesday morning.

The death of 2 Zionist soldiers with fungal infection in Gaza
The Israeli army announced the death of two of its soldiers in Gaza and announced that these two soldiers died among 30 people who were infected with a toxic fungal infection.

Axios claim; America has given a deadline to the Zionist regime!
The American news website Axios, which is close to the Zionist regime, quoted American officials and claimed that Washington has given the Tel Aviv regime until mid-March (late Pisces) to sign a document, according to which this regime is required to comply with the laws between The world will be using American weapons!

The document also calls on the Zionists to allow unimpeded humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

Axios claims that if the Zionist regime does not fulfill its obligations, the transfer of weapons to the occupied territories will be "temporarily" stopped. According to this claim, this American decision was taken after a number of senators expressed concern that American weapons were used against civilians in Gaza.

Democratic Senator: America entering the conflict with Yemen is a wrong move
Criticizing his country's actions in the Red Sea, Senator Chris Murphy said that Washington's involvement in the conflict with Yemen's Ansarullah is a catastrophic mistake.

The Zionist attack on the West Bank
The soldiers of the Zionist regime attacked the Jenin camp in the West Bank with a large number of military equipment early this Wednesday.

Germany announced its participation in the US-UK anti-Yemen coalition
The German army announced that the warship of this country participated for the first time in the European operation in the Red Sea and was able to intercept two Yemeni drones in the said sea!

Lavrov: The hostile actions of America and England against Yemen cannot be justified
The Russian Foreign Minister said that the hostile actions of the United States and England against the "territories of the Republic of Yemen" cannot be justified without international permission.

Sergey Lavrov also said that the American and British adventure in the Red Sea weakens the international efforts to solve the Yemen crisis.

He continued: The security of shipping in the Red Sea requires political and diplomatic methods, and the attack on Yemeni lands will only contribute to making the situation more critical.

Phone call between the foreign ministers of the United States and Saudi Arabia regarding Gaza
US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his Saudi counterpart, Faisal bin Farhan, stressed their country's commitment to continuing coordination in order to find a solution to end the war in Gaza.

The telephone call between the leaders of Qatar and France regarding Gaza
The French presidency announced that Emmanuel Macron and Tamim bin Hamad called for the opening of crossings to the north of the Gaza Strip in order to resume humanitarian activities in this part of Gaza.

The parties also emphasized the importance of continuing the mediators' efforts to achieve a ceasefire and the mutual release of prisoners.

The activation of warning sirens in the neighboring settlements of the Gaza Strip
The resistance groups in the Gaza Strip simultaneously fired several rockets and missiles from the Gaza Strip to the settlements around the Gaza Strip, after which the warning sirens were activated in these settlements.
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