Publish dateTuesday 2 April 2024 - 11:01
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Russia has not threatened any NATO member country, but they are preparing for war with Russia!
In a new interview with journalists, the Russian ambassador to Afghanistan emphasized that Russia has not threatened any NATO member country, but the leaders of the Western countries and the activists of the alliance say that NATO is preparing for war. It is with Russia, and people are scaring themselves with the so-called "imminent" Russian attack.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Dmitri Zhirnov noted in this interview that NATO has moved its war capabilities towards Russia and has created dangers for the country's security.
Stating that the expansion process of the NATO alliance has not been completed, he said: In 2023, Finland joined the alliance and Russia's line of contact with the alliance has doubled. In 2024, Sweden also joined this organization.
The Russian ambassador to Afghanistan continued, according to the agreements with America, American forces will also be present in the region, while they will act according to their own laws and will not obey the local authorities.
He noted that this spring, NATO will launch the largest maneuvers since the Cold War, in which approximately 90,000 people and 50 ships, including aircraft carriers and a significant number of military vehicles, will be used.
Zhirnov stated that the peaceful and calm region of Northern Europe is becoming a space of geopolitical competition, which may increase the risk of unintentional military incidents.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has emphasized in his latest words that they are not looking for a war with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and such a claim is nothing more than nonsense and illogical.
In this regard, Putin added: They moved directly towards our borders. Did we move towards those countries that were part of NATO? We did not move or touch anyone, but they moved towards us. Did we move from the ocean to the borders of America? On the contrary, they were the ones who approached us. What do we do? We only protect our nation in our historical lands within the framework of special military operations.
The President of Russia also stated that if the security interests of his country were taken into account after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the current war with Ukraine would not have happened.
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