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Take a lesson from the infamous figures of the past periods/ The issue of Palestine is the issue of the entire Islamic Ummah
The leader of the Islamic Emirate issued a message on the occasion of the coming of Eid al-Fitr, while advising the authorities of the caretaker government to implement Sharia and pay attention to education and learning from the infamous figures of the past, saying that "with all the countries of the region in the light of religion "Holy Islam, we are moving forward in the framework of a balanced and economy-oriented policy, and we want good diplomatic and economic relations with everyone." He also called the issue of Palestine as the issue of the entire Islamic Ummah and added that the claimants of human rights in the world are watching the oppression of Palestine, but they are not taking any practical steps to stop these atrocities.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Sheikh Hebatullah Akhundzadeh, the leader of the Islamic Emirate, in his Eid message published today (Saturday, April 16) said: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in the framework of its Sharia network, has relations with everyone. Hosna is based on mutual respect and wants in every way not to doubt this intention and good will of the Islamic Emirate. Our promise and commitment is a commitment and we expect them to pay attention to the privacy, interests and honor of Afghanistan and we want them to start good relations with us.
In this message, it is stated: We are moving forward with all the countries of the region in the light of the holy religion of Islam in the framework of a balanced and economy-oriented policy, we want good diplomatic and economic relations with all of them. They should consider the security, stability and development of Afghanistan as a good opportunity, expand the good relations with us more than before, create an atmosphere of trust with us and take a solution based on the spirit of cooperation.
In this message, the leader of the Islamic Emirate added: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate has been entrusted with the task of creating a better atmosphere of trust with all countries, especially the Islamic world.
He called the relations of the Islamic Emirate with Islamic countries important and stated: the relations of the Islamic Emirate with the whole Islamic world are based on brotherhood, all Muslims are our brothers, according to this principle, we have common religious and ideological beliefs, we have common interests that We should have a common point of view based on that, share each other's pain and sorrow and help and cooperate with each other as much as we can. Adopting such a position can reduce and solve all our common problems and the Islamic Emirate wants to create such an environment.
Regarding the position of the Islamic Emirate towards Palestine, Sheikh Hebatullah Akhundzadeh noted: The issue of Palestine is the issue of the entire Islamic Ummah. We once again strongly condemn Israel's aggression and occupation of Gaza. To shorten the hand of Israel's oppression as soon as possible so that the aggression ends there, especially the Islamic Ummah has the responsibility to fully support the cause of the oppressed Palestinians and stand with one voice within the limits of their capabilities.
In this message, he said: It is a pity that the claimants of human rights in the world are watching the oppression of Palestine, and until now no international faction has taken practical steps to stop these atrocities and has not fulfilled its responsibility for this great sadness.
The leader of the Islamic Emirate further invited the people to give thanks and said that "I emphasize to my Muslim brothers that they should not forget the gratitude of Allah Almighty and always be servants of Shakir Allah Almighty." Sharia system, security, brotherhood and unity granted by Allah Ta'ala were things that we had been deprived of for decades. Today, when Allah has given us the mentioned blessings, we must first pay it with gratitude, stand firmly behind it, support it, reform it and benevolent to it.
In this message, he called the implementation of "Sharia" important and pointed out: "The provision of justice, Sharia limits and Sharia punishments are established by courts in accordance with the principles of Sharia, prevent oppression and defend the oppressed." does In order to prevent evil deeds and establish evil deeds, the ministry of good deeds, prohibiting evil deeds and listening to complaints in accordance with the principles of Sharia carries out this sacred duty.
The leader of the Islamic Emirate in the field of education has also said that; The Ministry of Education has extensive organizations for religious and modern education in all provinces and districts and has activated hundreds of religious and scientific centers. In order to better educate, educate and support all orphans, orphanages have been established in every province and a number of districts. are managed by an independent directorate.
Regarding security in the country, he added that both external security and internal security were provided in Afghanistan. According to him, outward security is that people's lives, property, and dignity are safe, inner security is that independence and freedom have come, and this is a great blessing of God Almighty.
The leader of the Islamic Emirate has asked the caretaker government officials to stop the corrupt and not let anyone's blood be shed unjustly.
Sheikh Hebatullah Akhundzadeh praised the economic efforts of the caretaker government officials and said that the Islamic Emirate has spent its efforts as much as possible in the direction of establishing companies and does public works for the purpose of alimony and sustenance. People should be provided.
He considered the prohibition of drug cultivation to be an achievement and added: banning drug cultivation in the country based on the Islamic and Sharia obligation of the Islamic Emirate and implementing the order of the Islamic Emirate in a better way by the compatriots is a great achievement in this regard.

It shows the lack of determination and determination of the Islamic Emirate and indicates that Afghanistan will be freed from narcotics.
Also, in a part of his message, he made a list of recommendations to the officials of the Islamic Emirate, which include the following:
1- All the officials should be very aware of their work, the rights of many people of Afghanistan are related to the ministries, provinces, directorates and offices, so if any official is negligent, the rights of a large number of Muslims will be lost. And the negligence of the officials is not considered an excuse in Sharia law.
2- Officials should have a fraternal life among themselves, avoid differences and selfishness, by doing this, the fruits of Jihad, which is the consolidation of the Islamic system, will be preserved. Jihad won against the Soviet Union and Communism, the Soviet Union was defeated, but not among the officials; Rather, it was selfishness, because of this, the fruit of Jihad was not achieved, the Islamic system was not established, and Afghanistan faced many disturbances.
3- Security does not come with strictness and high casualties, but security is established as a result of the implementation of Sharia and justice, and insecurity comes when there is opposition to Sharia, so it is necessary to reform ourselves because the sin of every responsible and The individual has a negative impact on the system.
4- Avoid oppression, if an individual is oppressed, its curse will shake the whole system; Because there is no curtain between the oppressor's soul and the pure God.
5- Our enemies are waiting for differences to arise between the officials of the Islamic Emirate, just like the Mujahideen who had differences after the victory of Jihad against Communism, unless we tell them that this dream of yours will not be fulfilled, God willing. Say to the dead who hate you, that God knows all the things of the chest.
6- The people of Afghanistan have suffered a lot, they have been oppressed a lot and they have made a lot of sacrifices. This victory has come about because of the sacrifices of these people, so appreciate these people and their service and their cry. Listen, that yesterday they gave us room in their houses and shared their bread with us, and today we forget them, this is disloyalty and persecution, which is not suitable for Mujahid's dignity.
7- No one should be unjustly harassed, if someone is imprisoned, he should be greeted so that no one has complained about him unnecessarily, or he is not given more duty for a small crime, so be careful that he is not treated unfairly. Don't be hurt.
8- There is no place for division and discrimination in the Islamic Emirate, a person from the south is responsible for the north, and someone from the north is responsible for the south and will serve.
9- The award will be based on piety, competence and trustworthiness, the thought of race, language and position should not be discussed among the officials, and if someone has this disease, everyone should notice it and prevent it.
10- If someone is in need and you find out about it, reach out to him, don't make a difference as to when and where he is.
11- This period is passing, we and you must try to leave good history, good bills and good principles for future generations. Let's pay more attention to the hereafter and the pleasure of Allah Almighty.
12- Our sustenance provider and protector is Allah Almighty, all the powers of the world cannot take your sustenance, nor can they cut it, nor can they take your life; Put your trust in Allah Almighty and strive to get the pleasure of Allah Almighty.
13- Persuade and encourage people to follow Islamic rules and morals, instead of coercion and reluctance, use gentleness and encouragement, people will hate you with force, and with encouragement, they will be friendly and sincere with you.
14- Try not to leave or forget religious habits and religious information, teaching and learning during Jihad period.
15- Keep your relationship with the Holy Quran, recite some verses of the Holy Quran at least once a day.
16- Don't be happy because of high tasks and don't be upset if you feel light duty, the goal is not to attach your hearts to the position.
17- Take a lesson from the infamous figures of the past and keep your actions and morals from this kind, because it causes infamy and suspicion, so adorn yourself with the morals of the righteous predecessors.
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