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The Hamas movement examines the new ceasefire proposal from the Zionist regime
Hamas has said in a statement that in the last round of negotiations in Cairo, after the efforts of the mediators of Egypt, Qatar and the United States, this movement received Israel's position and is examining it.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Hamas announced in a statement that despite the stubbornness and inconsistency of the Zionist regime, the leadership of this movement "is considering the proposal with all national responsibility".
This movement announced in a statement that it published on its user account on the Telegram platform that Hamas received Israel's position in the last round of negotiations in Cairo after the efforts of the mediators of Egypt, Qatar and the United States.
The Hamas movement added that it appreciates the great efforts of the mediators, but despite the desire of the Hamas movement to reach an agreement that would end Israel's aggression in Gaza, Israel's position is still stubborn and unyielding and has not responded to any of the demands of the Palestinian people and resistance.
However, Hamas stressed that the movement's leadership "is considering the proposal with all national responsibility and will inform the mediators of its response once it is completed."
Sources told Al Jazeera earlier Monday that mediators presented a new proposal at the latest round of talks in Cairo for a three-phase ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.
These sources added: This proposal includes the return of unarmed displaced civilians to the north of the Gaza Strip without specifying their number, and also includes accepting the reopening of al-Rashid and Salahuddin streets by Israel and deploying its forces at a distance of 500 meters from these two roads.
These sources continued that this proposal also includes the daily transfer of 500 aid trucks to the Gaza Strip, including the north of this strip.
The proposal also includes the release of 900 Palestinian prisoners, including 100 Palestinian prisoners in the first phase, in exchange for the release of 40 live Israeli prisoners of all ranks.
The second phase also includes the release of all Zionist prisoners and the completion of negotiations to return to lasting peace, while this proposal does not include the number of Palestinian prisoners released in the second phase or Israel's withdrawal from Gaza.
The third stage includes the release of the bodies of Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip.
Hebrew-language channel 12 reported on Monday that the Israeli delegation sent to Cairo, the capital of Egypt, headed by David Barnia, head of the Mossad, is on its way back to the occupied territory.
According to Isna, this network added that last Sunday it witnessed the presentation of a comprehensive American plan accepted by the mediators, and there were intense discussions about it among the participants, including the head of the CIA, and in Israel they say that there is a serious plan and they are waiting for a response to it. .
Earlier, a prominent source in the Palestinian factions confirmed to Al-Mayadeen that "all efforts, documents and efforts of mediators to reach an agreement and exchange prisoners with the occupiers have met with obstinacy and failure."
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