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Egypt has completed the construction of the barrier wall between this country and Gaza
The Egyptian government has informed the Palestinian Authority that it has completed the construction of the wall and buffer zone between this country and the Gaza Strip in order to prevent the entry of Palestinian refugees.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: The Egyptian government has informed the Palestinian Authority that it has completed the creation of a buffer zone adjacent to Egypt's borders with the Gaza Strip as a preventive measure to prevent a wave of refugees following a possible Israeli attack on Rafah.

A Palestinian security source has announced that the Palestinian Intelligence Service, headed by Majid Faraj, is in charge of coordinating with the Egyptian Security Command and the General Intelligence Service, in the event of a major military action by the Zionist regime in the city of Rafah and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people towards the border areas of Egypt with this Barikeh creates several possible scenarios.

According to Tasnim and based on the Eram News report, the said source also announced that there is an emergency security committee between the Egyptian and Palestinian sides that meets periodically and monitors the security developments in the south of the Gaza Strip, considering the talks about possible military operations.

This source continued, Majid Faraj made a proposal to the Egyptian side, in which the Palestinian security services are ready to cooperate with the Egyptian security apparatus to manage the case of refugees and emergency situations in the shadow of the talk of forming a government without Hamas and its security systems after the end of the war. announces; Talks that consider the self-governing organization as the only political representative to take over the tasks and manage the affairs of Gaza after the war.

The mentioned source emphasized that Egypt has informed the Palestinian Authority that during the planned operation to start the military operation in Rafah, it will not accept any displaced persons inside its territory and has adopted special preparations to deal with the emergency situation when it occurs. It maintains Egypt's sovereignty indicators and cooperates with international organizations in case of a huge influx of refugees, but the borders will not be opened.

Earlier, the Egyptian government, while expressing its firm position in firmly opposing the forced migration of Palestinians out of the Gaza Strip, in a statement in response to these speculations, any agreement with Israel to accept Palestinian refugees due to the imminent land attack of the Zionist regime on the border city of Rafah, Denied.

Rafah currently hosts more than half of Gaza's population displaced by the war, and is also the main route for humanitarian aid to about 2.3 million people who are in dire need of this aid.

When the Zionist army started attacks on the north of the Gaza Strip, it claimed that the south of this area is safe under siege and the residents of the north can go to this area, but as the war continued, it also carried out ground and air attacks on the south of the Gaza Strip, especially Khan Yunis, in order to Displace other Palestinian refugees.

After the attacks on Khan Yunis, these refugees have been transferred to Rafah and the Zionist regime is trying to forcibly relocate them outside the Palestinian territories.
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