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The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime
A Hebrew channel reported that Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of this regime, is worried that the Hague Court will issue a warrant to arrest him and other Zionist officials for their crimes in the Gaza war.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Channel 12 of the Zionist regime TV announced that an urgent and confidential meeting was held in Netanyahu's office on Tuesday, in which he discussed the scenarios and serious concerns regarding the issuance of an international arrest warrant by the Hague Tribunal against officials. 
According to the report of this channel, Netanyahu asked the British and German foreign ministers during their recent trip to the occupied territories to intervene to prevent the issuance of an arrest warrant.
This channel reported: Tel Aviv has obtained information and letters that show that the probability of issuing an arrest warrant for Netanyahu and the Zionist officials is very high, and it may be issued at the end of next month. In this meeting, they discussed the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip and the statements of the authorities of some countries that the Zionist regime violated international laws and violated the Fourth Geneva Agreement in dealing with civilians in the Gaza Strip. 
According to Isna, Netanyahu said in a meeting with senior leaders of the Mossad on the occasion of the Jewish Passover: Israel is facing an existential threat. Internal groups must unite to face the dangers. 
He said: Tel Aviv continues the Gaza war for the release of its prisoners.
Every day, tens of thousands of Zionists demonstrate against Netanyahu throughout the occupied territories and demand his removal. The protesters also want to implement the prisoner exchange deal with the Hamas movement.
Meanwhile, the war in Gaza continues and the number of its victims has reached 33 thousand 970 martyrs and 76 thousand 770 wounded.
The Zionist regime started its devastating attacks against the Gaza Strip with the support of the United States from October 7, 2023. Tens of thousands of Palestinians, most of whom were women and children, were martyred and injured in these attacks, and the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip was destroyed in a large way, and an unprecedented human disaster in This area was created.
As a result of these attacks and restrictions imposed by this regime and due to the severe shortage of food, water, medicine and fuel, the Gaza Strip, especially the two provinces of Gaza and the Northern Province, are on the brink of famine and the lives of children and the elderly in this area are at risk.
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