Publish dateSunday 21 April 2024 - 10:12
Story Code : 289102
The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for last night
ISIS terrorist group, Khorasan branch, issued a statement and claimed responsibility for the attack last night (Saturday, April 20) on a Mercedes passenger car in the west of Kabul.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The Khorasan branch of the Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for last night's attack in the Gulai Dovakhana area west of Kabul.
Meanwhile, last night, Ava's reporter reported the explosion of a magnetic (sticky) mine at 7.7 minutes last night, which targeted a Mercedes car in Gulai Dovakhana (Kute Sangi) area of Kabul.
According to him, on Saturday evening, April 20, a magnetic mine exploded in a Mercedes-type car next to a police station in the Kote Sanghi.
Khalid Zadran, the spokesman of the police command in Kabul, said that the explosion was caused by a mine planted in a Mercedes passenger car, and as a result of the explosion, the driver of the car died and three others were injured.
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