Publish dateThursday 16 May 2024 - 10:16
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Firing dozens of rockets from southern Lebanon towards the north of the occupied territories
International media have reported that Lebanon's Hezbollah has fired at least 100 rockets towards the occupied territories this morning. It has been said that the targets of these missiles were the bases of the Zionist regime in the Upper Galilee and Isba Al-Jalil at the head of Marun and the Branit base.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Al Jazeera reporter reported today - Wednesday - warning sirens sounded in the Zionist settlement of Kiryat Shmouna, the northern areas of "Sahl al-Holeh", areas in the Upper Galilee and other northern areas of occupied Palestine.

Sputnik quoted a field source as reporting that more than 100 rockets were fired from southern Lebanon towards the Zionist regime's bases in the Upper Galilee and Isba al-Jalil at the head of Meron and the Branit base near the Lebanese border.

The occupying army radio also reported that at the same time as the attacks on the Maroon base, rockets with high explosive power were fired at Branit, and a cruise missile also targeted Kiryat Shmoune.

Zionist media reported that at least 15 rockets were fired from Lebanon towards Mount Meron and a military target of the Zionist regime was targeted on this mountain.

Al-Mayadeen reporter reported that rockets fired from southern Lebanon hit an aerial observation tower in Mount Meron.

These media reported that the warning siren sounded again in a large number of Zionist settlements.

Al-Mayadeen reporter reported the suspicious infiltration of drones from Lebanon towards Isba al-Jalil and further announced that the Zionist regime's base in the occupied fields of Shabaa was directly targeted from inside Lebanon.

The Lebanese Resistance Group also announced in a statement: In support of the resistant Palestinian people in Gaza and their heroic and honorable resistance in the context of the terror committed by the invaders in the south, today the headquarters of the Air Surveillance Unit in Meron base was attacked with dozens of Katyusha missiles and heavy missiles. And we targeted artillery mortars and destroyed their old and new equipment, parts of which were completely disabled.

In another statement, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance announced a direct attack on the headquarters of the 91st Brigade in Branit Barracks and the destruction of a part of it. This attack was carried out with heavy rockets.

Simultaneously with this movement, Hamas announced that it had killed 12 soldiers of the Zionist regime in the Jabalia camp.
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