Publish dateWednesday 10 July 2024 - 09:07
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Hezbollah's drones have photographed all the sensitive intelligence and military locations of the Zionist regime throughout the occupied Golan region and returned safely. These images were published by Hezbollah moments ago.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - International Service: Lebanon's Hezbollah movement announced by publishing images that a drone of this movement managed to take pictures of vital facilities of the Zionist regime after penetrating the occupied Syrian Golan.

It was the evening of (June 18) that Lebanon's Hezbollah released a video titled "This is what [our] Hodhood came back with - Part 1", showing images of sensitive areas and chemical and oil warehouses in the port of Haifa and areas Mohm and Bank published the goals in the occupied Palestine north; The images captured by the resistance drone known as "Hod dod".

Lebanon's Hezbollah emphasized that this is just the first part of the images and information collected by Hudhad and will release new images in the future.

Al-Alam al-Harbi website, the branch of Lebanon affiliated to Hezbollah, published the second part of these images this afternoon (Tuesday). The Lebanese Hezbollah movement announced that the Hodud drone was able to capture vital installations of the Zionist regime by penetrating the occupied Syrian Golan. Hezbollah's side indicates that the movement's unmanned bird was able to take pictures of the Israeli army's information bases and the command headquarters of this regime in the occupied Syrian Golan and return safely and undetected to its nest in Lebanon.

Channel 12 of the Zionist regime, in response to the publication of the second part of Hodood, said: In addition to the war in the north, Hezbollah has also launched a psychological war.
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