Publish dateSunday 5 March 2023 - 12:29
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Do We Witness the Passing of Neoliberalism?
In the West, many believe that neoliberalism has become an ideology of our political age. Its core principles have been rarely challenged in the West. But let's reflect upon what they actually are.
The concept of democracy in modern-day liberalism in reality is understood in a factional manner as a set of certain rituals such as alternation of power, elections under an international control, etc. However, in the meantime cultural identities and traditions of other countries are willfully ignored, and the promotion of human rights in their liberal representation, i.e. political and civil rights prevail over social, economic and cultural, has long become a pre-text for blatant interference into internal affairs of other countries. The lives of these countries' peoples are not getting better, in many occasions they are getting worse.
The financial crisis of 2008 and the Corona virus pandemic that followed after uncovered a lot of social problems, first of all in the developing world, that made even the strongest supporters of neoliberal ideology reckon with its setbacks. We mean not only economic results that bankrupted in the face of global challenges and shocks, but first of all the crisis of values, ethics, views on culture and history that are imposed on the rest of the world by their creators and promoters from the developed nations.
At the base of liberalism there is a post-modernist animosity to traditions that has advanced to aggressive rejection. When it is projected on multilateral relations, it provokes destruction of the system of universal treaties and the obligations that arise from them. The system of long-term treaties made through the search and documentation of compromise solutions is being undermined.
The fight against climate change was originally planned not to solve problems of the countries in need in that area, but rather to serve the interests of well-known financial and industrial groups and certain political parties.
Traditional values are being sidelined by “the new ethics” under the pretext of the overblown, sometimes absurd, fight against discrimination of minorities that is manifested by the disdain to peoples' opinion in the areas of education and mass culture, calls to review ethical norms in different areas.
Does liberalism live its last days, or not? When we see the rise of discontent, inequality and alienation in the modern-day world it is hard to say that all those exist in accordance with neoliberalism. The reference point is the traditional moral and spiritual values that rely on in particular the centennials-old foundation of world religions.
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