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What goals do Taiwan and America pursue from the arms deal?
While China has repeatedly asked the US government to stop selling weapons and military equipment to Taiwan, the US Department of Defense brazenly announced that it will provide Taiwan with new weapons.
The Pentagon announced that the US government has approved the sale of search and tracking systems for F-16 fighters as well as other military equipment to Taiwan. This means that the US government pursues the policy of developing military cooperation with Taiwan to exert additional pressure on China. Considering that Taiwan does not have the ability to confront China militarily, this is an important question: what goals do Taiwan and America pursue from the arms deal?
Political observers point out several things in relation to America's goals. First, the US views Taiwan as a profitable arms market, secondly, Taiwan acts as a lever of American pressure against China, and thirdly, the US seeks to fuel the arms race in the Taiwan Strait and East Asia.
International affairs analyst "Lee Shuzhang" says about this: America thinks that it can impose its demands on Beijing through Taiwan while exerting pressure on China. At the same time, America knows very well that China's red line is in Taiwan's territorial and sovereignty affairs and has emphasized this issue many times. However, in addition to selling advanced military equipment to Taiwan, the United States has also increased its support for the island's independence activists, which has repeatedly faced negative reactions and protests from China.
Meanwhile, Taiwan also pursues several goals with large military purchases. First, to attract the opinion of America to continue supporting Taiwan against China. Because large military purchases from America actually attract the attention of the owners of the arms industry, which, in addition to military purchases, also imposes a huge cost on Taiwan for their maintenance and repair.
The second purpose of this so-called island is to show off and show power against China, and thirdly, to show China as a threat to Taiwan with military purchases and to attract the world's opinion by looking oppressed. Therefore, according to the announcement of the US Ministry of Defense, the new shipment of weapons to be provided to Taiwan is worth 500 million dollars.
In the statement of the US Department of Defense, it is claimed that the sale of this equipment will not change the military balance in the East Asian region, and that the new weapons shipment will only contribute to the national, economic and security interests of the US by helping to modernize the armed forces and maintain the defense capability of Taiwan.
However, how Taiwan can help ensure the security of America against the possible and lightning attacks of China and even Russia and North Korea, calls into question all the claims made by the United States regarding the sale of weapons to Taiwan. However, Henry Kissinger, America's top expert, has repeatedly warned Washington about the consequences of crossing China's red line.
Because for him, who is considered the architect of relations between Beijing and Washington in the 70s, it is absolutely certain that China will not be short on Taiwan and China's reaction to America's adventures can have irreparable consequences. However, the Pentagon has emphasized that the arms sales will improve Taiwan's ability to deal with current and future threats by helping to improve Taiwan's ability to defend its airspace and ensure regional security.
At the same time, no matter how much Taiwan's military capability increases, it cannot match and confront China's military capability, and at the same time, it seems unlikely that America will go to war with China against any possible conflict to support Taiwan.
China considers the island of Taiwan as part of its territory and considers the visit of Taiwanese officials to America or the presence of Western officials on the island as a violation of the "one China" principle. Therefore, Beijing has already emphasized that if necessary, it will use military forces to annex this island. A message that can be a deterrent against any US involvement in a possible war in the Taiwan Strait.

Author: Majid Waqari
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